La Gloria cubana : medaille d'or no.3 ... discontinued cigar review weekend

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'02 medaille d'or no.3

Opened a new box ... look quite amazing ( 898 boxes make my knees go weak ) ... the draw/burn about what I feel is perfect ( especially for a very thin cigar ) ... first third tastes of burning tobacco ... second third developing more notes of burning tobacco ... third third for the finish I got a strong note of burning tobacco :) .




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Interesting, Derrek - So nothing except Burning Tobacco? I've never seen '02s of these with any code except OSU - so that's new.  Makes me want to crack into my only box of OSU 02's to see how they are doing.  Do you reckon these have a way to go yet to evolve some more?

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Just now, dvickery said:

Chris  @ChanceSchmerr

they are a fabulous cigar ... in sublime balance ... smoke em now .

just poking a bit of fun at the nutmeg and vanilla and cookie dough crowd .

but you probably knew that already :) .


LOL Derrek @dvickery - I guessed as much!  I'll crack mine soon then when the weather warms up - looking forward to it!


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