Mondays are meant to be conquered!

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Good advice, not just for Mondays !

Retired but nevertheless enjoying bountiful fruits - following the gym this morning a Siglo I and for later tonight a good dinner with friends where I'm planning to have a Robaina farmie and, if we gather longer, a Piramide Extra ...


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I can't remember too great a deal of yesterday.. I ended up getting work off last minute so I drank some plonk and some coronas, JD and cokes with a Monte GE LE.. It was good. I did have an appointment during the day but that was all. I guess it was a good day in a bizarre way.. As good as it gets right now anyway.

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i started monday of this week down at the local vampire lair where they draw blood for the annual blood tests (had clots from flying a few years back so they test me every year or so). i'm sitting there as they unsheath a needle the size of a fishing rod (okay, in reality, a tiny little thing but i really hate needles). the phone rings. my tax accountant.

all i can think is that the week can only get better.

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Do something great today, followed by one of your best cigars. Set the tone for the week and enjoy the bountiful fruits of your work!

For those who are retired and have conquered, carry on ;)

Well after being off island for a week, I was in at 5:45am and out at 5:45pm. Got lots done. Smoked one of my "new" El Pres ages boxes, some 2001 JLPC's.

It was good not great.


I am here:,-81.379123

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Monday cigars - We had some fried pimientos with salt and a German Rheingau bubbly while smoking the Robaina farmie which was very good :

And after 2 plates of Chile con Carne and refreshing southern Bavarian beer a Piramide Extra that was a bountiful fruit ... :

Now : let's watch Barca vs Bayern today and Real vs Dortmund tomorrow with a good cigar....

Should be a good week ... ok.gif

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