Mystery cigar review no 2

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Mystery cigar review

I found out that this a 2001 PSD4. My love/hate cigar. LOL


Was asked to do a couple of mystery cigar reviews. These are always fun because you don't get the subconscious bias of seeing a band.

This is a robusto sized cigar. Very firm. Nice construction. The triple cap is like a flat top. Lol. So soft spots at all. Maybe a little overfilled. Will see when I light this bad boy up

The wrapper is a light, milk chocolate colorado brown. No visible veins.

The cold draw after giving it a punch is nice. A good combination of brown sugar and cedar. The draw is perfect. Nothing to worry about except for sitting back and watching the world go by.

Time to take this to the flame...


First third

Draw is a little firm. Might have to extend the size of the punch hole.

Cashews, some cocoa notes and a slight peppery note on the initial puffs. Decent smoke production. Would like more.

The ash is a whitish grey. Nice burn line. The ash is holding on strong!

Wish this draw would open up. Flavours are a little muted. Can't get a decent draw. Like sucking an ice cube through a straw!!!!! LOL. Ok, I embellished a bit but the draw is tighter than what I am used to.

Strength is medium at this point. No harshness at all.

Might have to break out the Palio and give the head a cut to open it up!

The things I do in the name of research. LOL.

2nd third


Draw is opening up now. I think I killed a few brain cells puffing through the first third. LOL. Still would like to see if open up a tad bit more.

There is a bit of sourdough bread in the second third, some cashews, and a hint of ginger snaps. Sort of familiar, can't place my finger on it.

Getting more pepper notes now. Sort of like taking some sourdough bread, giving it a hit of pepper and a dollop of bitter chocolate.

More earthy notes are starting to emerge. No harshness at all

The after finish has some nice earthy and nutty notes. No sweetness however. A little hint of cedar here and there. Reminds me of peanut butter. Actually, a Reese's peanut butter cup. :)

The ash is a little darker now. More grey than white. Looks like fire wood after it has been fully burnt.

Pepper and Earthy tones are picking up in a big way and combines with the nuttiness of the cigar. Wish it had some sweetness to complement these flavours as I am also getting more expresso coffee flavours now. Someone bring me some sugar or caramel!!!! LOL

There is a flavour that comes in periodically. I want to say 'hay' but it is too fleeting.

strength has increased to medium full. Better get some water for the final third....

Final third


Black licorice, combined with earthy notes as well as bitter cocoa and pepper share the front lines on this final third. The sourdough bread flavour is long gone. Thanks for the visit.

Strength is still medium full. More full than medium.

Draw continues to be a challenge. A poke with my draw tool still gives no reprieve.

The after finish is full of pepper and earth. Very strong and lingering.

Final impressions.

I would have liked to see more sweetness in the flavours to complement the robust, earthy, nutty, bitter chocolate and pepper combination.

The construction of the cigar felt solid at the beginning but my fears of overfilling were realized. Thought to get a good draw of smoke throughout the time we had together. It took 3 to 4 puffs to really get a good pull of smoke.

I wonder which marca this is from?

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