Cuba says its sugar harvest is worst in 105 years

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While off their highs Sugar Prices are still some of the best in a decade. Poor bastards can't take a trick.



Cuba says its sugar harvest is worst in 105 years


Cuba is calling this year's sugar harvest "horrible" and says it's the least productive since 1905.

The scathing assessment in Wednesday's edition of the Communist Party newspaper Granma comes two days after Raul Castro fired Sugar Minister Luis Manuel Avila.

Granma says the sugar harvest fell 850,000 tons short of expectations, though it does not specify that goal. It says 105 years have passed since "such a poor sugar campaign."

Once a world leader in sugar, Cuba has slashed production in recent years.

Today, it has 750,000 hectares (1.9 million acres) and 61 mills dedicated to sugar.

Granma says only 10 mills met production goals.

It blames officials for "lack of control" and for lacking "objectivity" in planning.

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Non issue. Cuba closed about 75% of their sugar mills since 2003 and uses much land formerly growing cane for vegetable growing & cattle grazing.

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