What do you smoke with a beer?

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I started this thread before someone dropped ash in the server so lets try again.

It's a beautiful hot sunny day. You are sitting out in a lawnchair enjoying the day and a nice cold one. What cigar do you reach for to accompany your beer?

I'll start, yesterday I enjoyed a Punch RS11 with a great Pilsner (Steamwhislte, for any Canadians reading this).

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A joint, of course! :D

U beat me to it Bassman!!!!!!!!

How bout 2 joints!

with a good beer give me a CoRo or Rass or Mag 46 or VR Famosos..

if im drinkin Olde English 800 Malt Liquer(Charcoal Filtered BTW) it's a Philly Blunt wrapper filled with the finest MexiCali Ditchweed there is...........WORD!

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