Back from the Warehouse.

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Back from the warehouse from inspecting and selecting stock over the past couple of days. I will be back again Tuesday to finish (still need to do Partagas, Punch R&J, Ramon Allones, Trinidad, SLR and VR). Monday is a Public holiday (how can one country have so many bloody Public Holidays in one month!).

I really do look forward to it as it provides me with a clear indication of what is magnificent, great, good, average and ...well...woeful. As we move down this route it reinforces to me what a gamble blind ordering really is. I personally wouldn't do it.

We will be contacting members who had cigars on a "watch list" from next week once they start coming through. Don't contact Lise at this time as I want to reinspect what I have selected. We will be in contact with yourselves.

Overall it was a great month. The highlights are mare with plenty of exceptional boxes of Winstons, 898, JL2, Monte 4, Monte 2, Mag 46, LGC No 2 (best I have seen in years) just to name a few. There were few disappointments in all. We will have a great month of quality stock.

As I am seeing more mid to late 09 stock come in the happier I am getting. less underfilling appears to be the norm, lets hope it continues. Wrapper quality appears to be improving which I believe is commensurate with less production. Lets hope it continues.

The first stock will be arriving next week to our humidor. Keep your eyes peeled for some pics of "mind blowing" proportion :wacko:

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