Had a request for "Fun / Funky" Hong Kong Hotels at a Reasonable Price?

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A good mate of mine, Toby is traveling from Havana to HK and is looking for a Fun and Funky Hong Kong Hotel at a reasonable price.

I normally stay at the Mandarin Oriental which is not so reasonable in terms of price.

Any suggestions from our HK members?

Much appreciated :2thumbs:

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Guess it depends what he sees as reasonable. As you know prices can vary wildly, esp if you want to stay somewhere nice and central. Also depends how long he's staying for, as if only for 1 night I'd say better to be on the island, if longer then travelling over from the dark side (Kowloon) isn't so bad.

These two in Lan Kwai Fong are pretty cool, the second one quite reasonable:

Hotel LKF

LKF hotel

My favourite, although a bit steep:


There's also the Wharney in Wan Chai, otherwise known as the Horny.

If those aren't up to it he could try www.asiarooms.com

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