Ashton Estate Sun Grown 21 year salute.

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Ashton Estate Sun Grown 21 year salute

Origin: Dominican Republic

Format: Robusto.

Size: 5.25 x 52nd

Wrapper: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Binder: Dominican Republic

Ashton Estate Sun Grown,its a cigar, which has intense supporters as well as a group of people who say that cigars are not worth the money.

It's quite funny how they can share a cigar and not to approach ...

When I first lit the Ashton ESG 21 salute year, and it was early summer of 2008 in a fairly hot day.

I thought I'll go down and finish smoking this cigar, a true full body, with silky soft smoke, that's a silent killer nicotine something similarity Opus X.

Where did these cigars, this is the official version, Robert Levin (owner of Ashton) and Carlos Fuente Jr. have joined forces to create the Ashton Estate Sun Grown, in short ESG, to celebrate twenty consecutive years of success, the company's growth and sales of cigars Ashton brand.

In total, have, to celebrate, not to look like, almost everyone is able to find their good cigar among the Ashton line of cigars, cigars, these and others are made by Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia.

The ESG uses a unique Dominican wrapper Rosado grown on the Chateau de la Fuente farm.

The leaves of the highest quality are used as input to other cigars.

Each year for five consecutive years, from 2006 to 2010 Ashton introduces a cigar the size of the Ashton ESG.

Debut, Double Corona cigar size 6.75 x 49.

In the second year, five-year cycle was added to a cigar Robusto Extra 5.25 x 52.


The beautiful cigar,






Which is wrapped in a perfect list, unique, serve only brand ESG, of course, a cigar made with all care, from the foot through the body until the head finished with a triple cap, which can present the Fuente family workers.

This cigar is the pride of the artistic work, showing the simplicity and beauty of the Caribbean region.

For the overall presentation of this wonderful cigar, came to the gloss coat particles of sugars, a cigar is like and the other waiting to be burned in spring 2008.

Scent wrapper is a bouquet of sweetness and cinnamon.

The foot smell, it is even more sweet substance that is able to twist his nose slightly.


It seems perfect, and with Cuban cigars, for the same money, even divinely perfect.

If so, Fuente family has access to the Cuban tobacco, is probably not a smoker of Cuban "goodies" be greatly glare ...

Here is a wonderful, the best tobacco in the world, cooked and converted into a cigar by Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia.

Dream it's free.

To hold the hands of this robusto Ashton Estate Sun Grown 21 year salute,

I have to deal with well-made cigar, adorned with a beautiful band in the unconventional with excellent sweet flavor. Cigar without blemishes, spots and he Jahve knows what else.

Cigars, I decided to cut the guillotine for a larger volume of smoke.

I know this cigar, a little know what to expect. Fortunately, there is less hot day from the last time.

To start with, easy to adopt a fire line about equal to the heat, the draw with a light resistance, a cigar in his fingers is a tough fleshy, but it is not plugged, yes it is.

After lighting the cigar, I am struck not by an intense storm, this time a cigar starts quite calmly and smoothly, medium robusto.

I must admit that a pleasant surprise.

I prepared to kick off nicotine, but the start was very gently,what's not to say that lightly.

Taste, um, remind Cuban classics, was a richly complex.

Cream smoke a little earthy, had in him sweetness of honey, and exactly that, out of which arises.



Smooth,nice delicate flavor of smoke, gave a positive assumptions on the continuation of communing with the robusto, in about the space filled with the aroma of leather and spice.

After a few moments to become more sweet, fruit and wood smells rose from the dried plums, clove and trees.

Incineration very good, very light gray ash, consistent with a cigar in the initial phase of about 0.5 inches to a little flawless, but later it was just better.


In the second third, joined to the earlier strong pepper flavor,leaving a slight piquancy on the lips and tongue, poignancy mixed with sweetness, all the well-chosen proportions, so that's prevailed.

During the burning of the first two thirds, whole cigar was delicious, subtle changes in taste, never over power smoke, which was rich, rich and silky, there is no scratching in the throat.

Nice tingling in your nostrils during the release of smoke.


Burning cigar was progressing all the time almost perfectly evenly,

the draw, and the volume of smoke was meeting my expectations.

The ash was still holding high quality. Cigar describe as a higher medium to full body.


The third, it increases the intensity of the cigar.

I mean, both qualities of taste, which took a more spicy character in the first phase,

lips, tongue and the finish was more subdued, but pungent taste prevailed, was very "American", spicy cinnamon cake, the amount of nicotine increased, I felt a slight, but they fatigue.

Well, in sum is the cigar brand Ashton top lists, it shows the origins of and the price, which is not very friendly, my stick cost $ 19 in 2008, now the price of cigars ranging from $ 17.5 to $ 20, which causes that this is the occasional cigar, and so I just treat them.

After all, life would be meaningless if, from time to time not to overpay for the perfect cigar.

Of course, not the price determines its excellence. Excellent cigars will, only when it treats the taste, then buy this cigar can be seen as money well spent, and the same cigar as worth the money, but still slightly over price.

Thank you for your patience and forgive...


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