PUNCH Palma Real FR NISL (Nov. 1995)


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Vitola : Cremas, 40 rg x 140 mm.


Discontinued in 2002, but still available,

with this exact box code,

and at a very reasonable price.

This example was fully consistant with the other ten previously smoked, from this box.

Evenly packed, firm yet giving.

Perfect draw, and even burn throughout.

As is typical with machine-made Cubans, there was no real change in taste,

from the first puff to the last, but rather a continual deepening

in strength, body, and richness.

Not at all fitting the profile of Punch hand-made cigars,

it more resembles the Upmann style of machine-mades,

but without the dried olive taste.

The predominant effect is herbal, overlaid on a toasty pure tobacco taste.

Mostly thyme, with a hint of rosemary.

No sweetness, fruit, nor bean flavours.

Real old-school, there is nothing like it in recent productions.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar, and it left a clean, refreshing aftertaste.

It is not easy to score such a cigar, as it is so distinctive.

Hors normes, we would say in French.

Some will love it, others might find it an abomination.

Still, I will bite the bullet, and give it a solid 88.

And, I'm willing to bet that at the age of 20+,

it will be even better.






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Though I managed to order another box of these just four days ago,

on checking the supplier's website today,

I noticed that the Palmas Reales are now listed as Aug. 2001.

Sorry if I got anybody going about the availability of the '95s,

but that is the way it goes with these old machine-mades.

Here today, then gone forever.

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Ron very kindly sent me a couple of these to try and I put flame to one this evening after a particularly hard day at work! As far as the review - what he said, exactly, with one additional - the last inch and a half had a really strong liquorice impression, neither sweet nor bitter but very, very apparent. I have a box (2001) on the way and am very glad of it.

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