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Smoked this cigar on a beautiful Sunday night last night. It was a gift from my brother, who picked it up on his recent vacation in Cuba. The cigar was rolled by a tobacco farmer he spent some time with in Pinar Del Rio, and I have to say it was one of the ugliest cigars I've ever seen. My first reaction was that it looked like something from the set of a cowboy movie with Clint Eastwood. On the other hand, when I lit it up, it was absolutely delicious. Strong, sweet, unapologetic tobacco flavors right up in your face. My brother said he paid one peso for this cigar. Best value I've heard of in cigars. Towards the end the strength got a bit overwhelming, so I put it down, but I have to say that regardless of price it was the most enjoyable cigar I've had in weeks. I wish I could buy these by the hundred.



and here is the farmer who rolled it, from my brother's vacation pics:


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Looks like a good burn. Did the profile resemble any other habanos you have tried? I usually find these sorta sticks too green. But for a peso? What the hell.

It didn't really remind me of any habanos I've had. Actually it reminded me a bit of those strong La Flor Dominicana cigars. It was just a simple, strong, sweet, flavor. I've heard others say that these sorts of cigars are often not made from properly fermented tobacco, etc., but this one was lovely.

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