How much would you pay?

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Playing with the idea of upgrading my storage. Running two humidors now and would rather have one large unit.

Found this one the internet for sale (see pic).

Looks OK but not great, might be a home-made project.

How much would you pay for it? I will tell later what is being asked.



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Hey BFG,

I just bought one similar size (maybe a little smaller, hard to tell for certain) but commercially made for $800 in Vancouver. Retail for the larger towers seems to be about $2000 US give or take, with shipping being the real kicker for those of us north of the 49th - anywhere from $400 - 650 depending on the shipping option.

With all this used stuff the critical question is what is it worth to you? Its unlikely that you will have a lot of competition for a massive humidor locally and shipping will put both vendor and non local buyer off equally. If the seller doesn't like your price it's highly possible that he will come back to you in a little while.

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Does it come with a humification device or do you have to buy one? That would impact the final price for me. Assuming there is no humification device, I'd probably go about 300. But I'd want a much closer look or more detailed photo's showing that all the doors seal well. A couple of things I notice, it appears that the lining is domestic cedar, which is acceptable but I'd want a closer look if someone told me it was spanish cedar. Another thing I see is that the bottom doors appear to be venered with a rotary cut veneer. Again, this is not a negative but it would warrant a closer look if someone said it was solid oak or cherry.

Just my .02

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