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I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to smoke three cigars over the weekend. Instead of three seperate posts I will group them into one.

Thursday Night - Partagas Serie P No. 2 LRE JUN 09

Solid Construction, but felt a tad underfilled because the wrapper felt very spongy dispite being at idea smoking humidity (63 - 64%). Very light aroma at cold but nothing really to speak of. Inital puffs were "crap it's underfilled" but once the burn evened out draw was acceptable. Initally overwhelmed with the strenght of this cigar. Not much flavour wise but just "Holy Crap, is this thing strong"

1st third - inital strenght dies down and it smoothes out and is replaced with that characteristic Partagas spicyness. I can put my finger on exactly what it is. It's maybe similar to Cyanne pepper or even Tobasco sauce but with out the spicyness. Draw is good and burn is spot on

2nd third - Much the same as the first, occassional hints of leather but that typical Partagas flavour.

Last third - the darkness creeps in. Any hint of decent flavour is replaced with harsh charcol and ash. Yuck. Put it down with about an inch to go.

Good cigar, but is very young and needs some time. For those of you who didnt see my prior post about "weird nicotine induced dreams" this was the cigar. I'm hoping with time the nicotine eases up and the finish get better. Score 88

Thursday Night - Montecristo No. 4 UTS Nov 08

I had a revelation of a Monte 4 while on vacation a month ago. I had two boxes from this same box code for over a year now and it had been pretty much disapointment. Hoped they had turned a corner and wanted to give it another go

Construction - very nice, dark wrapper, felt a bit hard so was worred about draw which had been a problem with most. Inital draw was a bit tight be it would open up a bit more.

first third - can still taste the Partagas I just smoked. Probably wasn't a good choice to follow up with this. Can really taste anything.

second third - the taste of teh partagas finally goes away and is replaced with nothing. This smoke has no personality or nothing to distinguish it.

third third - Regret smoking this to begin with. To stay up even later on a Thursday night and drag my ass into work for this? No thanks.

I like Monte 4, but not like this. It's tough to justify buying a box of these when the consistency is this bad. Might try a round of HQ or PSP to see if that changes my mind. 84 (at best)

Sunday Afternoon - Ramon Allones Specially Selected

I have a torrid relationship with RASS. My first memory of her is a wonderful memorable evening. Great smoke, wonderful flavour profile. Since then, not so much. A few really badly plugged cigars, and a few that made me wonder if the first was a fluke. Bought these as singles back in December and had to finally give it a go.

Construction - not great, really ugly foot, bit of a torn wrapper from being toted around a few times. Nice dark reddish wrappers.

first third - draws a bit tight, but nice start. Tastes like I remember my first RASS. Woody, earth, with a very unique pepper spicyness that is distinct of a good RASS, somewhere around medium.

second third - burn gets a bit wonky, needs a few touchups. Moves a bit more into medium-full but that very enjoyable spicyness is still there in spades.

third third - get a bit darker again. I would anticipate this being a young cigar because the finish wasn't super but much nicer than the PSP2 from Thursday night.

My faith might be restored in RASS. I have a copule of singles in the humidor still from another batch and if those go well I will try a HQ box. These if they are on are a bargin smoke. score 89

Sorry I didn't catch the part about including a pic of myself with the smoke. Maybe next review.....







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