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Greetings fellow Romans,

I enjoyed a Connie 3 today. I am about halfway through a box that I should probably be sitting on but cannot resist on spring afternoons like the one that passed today. I have made the mistake of smoking this cigar in late-night situations and and I have decided that this cigar is best during the day in a sober state of mind.

Prelight: Firm draw. Excellent aroma. Not the most attractive wrapper but that doesn't phase me.

Opening: Partagas from jump. Hello green pepper (capsicum?) and white pepper

First third: Definitely a tight draw. But that is what I like to get the full concentration of flavor. Brown sugar and 'asian' spice moving around pepper base. Holds an ash well. A bit wobbly. Almost looking like a Culebra. But burning well.

Second third: More of the sugar and spice elements. Rich, savory cigar. Wonderful.

Last third: A real finger-burner. Complex to the last draw. Truly a magnificent cigar. Will be missed.

I recommend this cigar with masala tea. I would imagine Zacapa X.O. would work as well. Cheers.





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