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Here goes my entry for the Aged Sampler........

Hoyo de Monterrey Du Prince

A cigar I purchased at a B&M in Halifax - I thought I would expand my Hoyo knowledge, since I love the Du Roi!

First Impressions - an oily, dark wrapper with a silky feel. Smells of wood. Good feel in the hand, not too hefty

Drink Pairing - La Pinta on Ice, Pomegranate-infused Tequila. I figured it wouldn't overpower a Hoyo!

Pre-light draw - Juuuuust fine.

Initial Puffs - Hello wood! A sharpness to this cigar, not what I expected from a Hoyo. Edgy taste similar to a young Diplomaticos.

First 1/3 - The opening third is all about the wood chips. This is a very woody smoke! Plenty of spice through the nose, and the sharpness from the opening thankfully fades away. I don't have a box date on this cigar, but from the band condition, I have to wager that it's not very aged, and it sure tastes fresh to me. Very little in common with the Du Roi - I'm not sure if I like this!

Middle 1/3 - Now, as I progress to the middle of the smoke, waves of that wonderful candied toasted almond flavour that characterises the Du Roi for me make themselves known. The woody smoke has now become incredibly creamy and sweet, but not overly so. I am now enjoying this cigar, and this middle third has a lot in common with the Du Roi. The Spice through the nose has diminished as the creamy tones took hold, but it's still there.

Final 1/3 - The sweetness remains, while the candied almond takes an abrupt exit. At this point, it becomes painfully evident to me that this cigar needed another good year or two to truly come alive. Young, almost green tobacco notes are at the forefront at this point.

Burn/Construction - The burn was excellent, and while the ash was very easy to fall on this one, I can't fault any construction, the draw was stellar throughout.

Final Thoughts - This cigar really evolved throughout, and while it definitely needed more time, it's not a bad smoke young. Similar in the middle to what I really like in the du Roi, I would still have to choose the "King" over this "Prince" any day. That said, I would not be sorry to smoke another one in the future, as long as it had a couple more years on it. A solid 88.




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