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After a morning chasing bad debts and seeing Rob’s post I thought it was reasonable to start the weekend at lunchtime on Friday – after pasta, a glass of Barolo and an espresso it seemed like a perfectly reasonable next step to go for a cigar in the park….

Punch Royal Selection N0. 11 – Part of a Czar Discontinued sampler – no box code.

Construction – feels well rolled, nice ‘give’ but without any soft or hard spots. Some small tears to wrapper at cap. Aroma at cold: Rich, fruity, straightforward Cuban tobacco. Light oil on very fine / fragile wrapper.

Clipped the end and the wrapper immediately started to unravel – uh oh...although the large Punch band came in useful to hold the thing together. Draw: perfect, looking good.

1/3 Opens with leather, light coffee and hints of woodiness, smooth, rich and balanced. Good smoke volume and perfect burn.

2/3 Continues in the same vein flavour wise, flavours develop a bit of complexity but essentially a core of rich tobacco, leather with a bit of spice at the back of the palette and a nice nicotine kick. Mild hints of floral / sweet notes but nothing exceptional. Wrapper starts to come apart a bit more but no big deal..

3/ 3 Earthiness and strength developing – moving from medium to full. No dramatic evolution in flavour – still good quality tobacco – for some reason the ash seems to be falling all over me today – this coupled with the gradual disintegration of the wrapper leads to what is probably the messiest smoke I have had in some time. Approx 1 hour smoke – probably a bit quicker than I would expect for the size.

Don’t have much experience with Punch – just never grabbed my attention when I tried ‘em. This example won’t change my mind really, solid good quality smoke somewhat ruined by construction issues. Beats work though…enjoy the rest of the weekend folks…

Usual disclaimer re photos - crappy phone camera etc.. I am even uglier in real life...





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Nice start to the weekend indeed :thumbsup:

I have had a much better experience with the Punch RS 12 although I also have had enough ho hum examples to understand what you experienced.

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