Por Larrañaga Petit Corona

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For me this is a difficult cigar to review, I enjoy these immensely, but I can't quite put my finger on some of the core tastes. Most likely this is my fascination with them, there's just such complexity and richness I find intriguing.

Cold aroma is damp earth, draw is firm, perfect. HQ box picked by Smithy I've only had for a couple of weeks, I know I should keep my hands off still, but the bunch smells so good I just can't. Looks spectacular, dark wrappers. A bit on the wet side, but not too much.

Opens with a blast of dark roasted black coffee, first third has loads of those hard to name tastes, the best I can describe them is kind of a dry bark and earth, just beautiful. On the full side of medium body.

Into the second third the beans mellow out, turns into rye bread and butter. The smoke is thick and chewy, feels like a meal.

Last third the darkness returns, again I'm lost for words, each draw is so rich and full of earth and bark, black coffee and butter, burnt sugarcane with a slight underlying spiciness.

I know taste is subjective, but I feel I'm not able to describe it well, other than this is everything I want in a cigar. Thanks to Smithy for choosing this box, magnificent!


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Just smoked a year old one last night. Not sure if it's entering a sick phase, but it was Bitter for the first third and kind of blah the rest of the way through. I smoked a bunch of them fresh and even as of 2 weeks ago they were delicious. The latest was not so delicious. Anyone have enough experience to say of these hit a sick period around 1 year? Admittedly, I've never held on to any this long. They always meet a smoldering demise before a year.

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I smoked one last year (sounds absurd, I know) that was two years old. Same thing. Very bland, no good flavors whatsoever. I now have a cab that is intact and from 2012. I'm going to try to at least wait until 2015 before I break it open.

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Does that seem typical of these?

It was my experience at first also. Disliked the fresh ones right off the get go.

Now that my cab is 2 years plus old, I am finding the sweetness just starting to show.

The age definitely seems to do a lot in changing the flavor.

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I had bought a cab of 50, 5 years ago from on Rob's recommendation and each year smoked a few.

Should you let them age? It really depends what you are looking for.

If you looking for a more mellow smooth sweeter taste, then yeah age them at least 3-5 years, but note more oyu age them less distinct flavor it has and more smoother it gets.

If you want tangy lemon spicy taste smoke them young.

For me I look for a bit of both to keep it exciting.

These cigars do pretty well in consistency, but once in a while you will get a really good one that smokes like a god with a balanced profile of its signature flavors.

I usually smoke them after a big meal with no drinks on the side or just plain water. I am not believer of pairing, it robs you from its distinct flavors. I also love smelling these cigars unlit, they smell like dark chocolate.

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