Gifted a Cohiba Lancero Box


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The gentleman that received these as a gift is a long time provider for medical supplies to cuba. They meet him at an embassy(last time was swiss) in DC. Two years ago he was given the same gift(I checked the box two years ago-completely legit) This box checks out as far as I can see also but the wax wrap and the different style box is confusing me. Last time was the typical cohiba lancero box we all know and love.

Stamp is


DIC 09

Warranty Seal is

JC 092137

The box looks different will post pic shortly



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Someone on here has to know something or be able to help on this. I know some but definitely not enough to know all. I have seen a picture of a box similar to this ONCE back in 2009 but wasn't sure what the outcome of it was. (real/fake).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My understanding is that this packaging is used for low-level diplomats and special visitors / persons gifts....just something a little different.

Heres one out of the tissue. :clap:


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So it would explain the packaging for it being a gift he received. He also had a spanish newspaper with an article on this gift. Glad to hear this box is good like the last one. I'll try to get a copy of the newspaper highlighting his efforts/gift from cuba.

Thanks Trevor. BTW-your website is hands down amazing. I refer many(worthwhile) people to it.

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