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I'm a newbie and I'm looking for some advice on something to try. I have only had the following CCs, all of which are pretty much CC staples I know... but I'm looking to trying something new. I've tried montes 2 and 4, Partagas sD4, and Bolivar BFs. I really like all of these cigars... realizing that they are all fairly different. I love the earthy taste of CCs... something medium to full bodied and full flavored. Please suggest! :cigar:

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Go smaller and try a number of PC/Marevas across the Brands. You will get a basic taste for each and you can try a number with out breaking the bank. Order several singles and go from there. I say smaller because 3/4 of what you have tried are big ole fatties. Good but skinny is good too!



H Upmann PCs

Party Shorts

Boli PCs


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I agree with whats already been posted. Try:

- Mag 48's LE's

- VR Unicos

- Cohiba Siglo VI

- Cohiba Secretos

- Cohiba Genios

- Diplomaticos 2

A mixture of short, fat, long and skinnies. :cigar:

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I also prefer med/full body and as much flavour as possible, while remaining balanced and refined. My suggestions would be:

1. Any of Diplomaticos marque - Full of chocolate/coffee/rich earth and inexpensive. These are my number 1.

2. H Upmann Sir Winston - In my opinion the flagship of H Upmann line and one of the best cigars money can buy, coffee/nuts/cream.

3. Cohiba Robusto - IMO best robusto out there (followed closely by the trinidad) med/full bodied with wheat grass/honey/maple syrup

Probably best to shoot Lisa or Rob an email an get Rob to pick out a sampler of what's smoking good.

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there's so much to choose from, it might be worth concentrating on one particular size for a bit, then moving on to something else.

So if you wanted to go for petit-corona to begin with:

Juan Lopez Petit Corona

Cohiba Siglo II

Por Larranaga Petit Corona


Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

Bolivar Royal Corona


Vegas Robaina Unicos

Partagas Serie P no. 2

Montecristo no. 2

etc....etc....................................etc This list goes on and on. Pretty much all except the JLPC above is rich in flavour, although they're defo worth a look. If I was starting out again, focusing on one size at a time is probably how I'd go. :cigar:

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