Anyone have a recent Trinidad fundadores box picture?


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First off-I am not a huge poster on here. I lurk and read mostly however this time I haven't been able to find what I need.

I have a friend with a box of fundadores from his recent trip to Cuba. The trip was indeed taken. The price paid was correct. However when I looked at the packaging I was confused. They smell great, packaged accordingly but something just seems off to me.

If anyone has an intact box I Would greatly appreciate a picture of the outer and inner of it. My biggest flag was all of the cigars were wrapped in a sheet of wax paper.

The month/year stamp appears to be a different font from what I could remember. Being as that I have never bought trinidad I don't know how different they may be.

Thanks for the help! I Will try to get some pictures.


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What size box?

The fundadores come with a sheet of wax paper across the top with the Trinidad logo printed on it.

I have an '05 box but it is missing a lot of stickers. No difference in font that I can see though....

What year is it?

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Maybe they were Fonseca? Those come wrapped in paper.

Kinda hard to confuse Fonseca and Trinidad. The box is an 09. It has the trinidad sheet . I will try to get some pictures of it next chance I get.

Thanks guys.

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