Trinidad Coloniales

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Trinidad Coloniales

Appearance: milk chocolate wrapper

Construction: Flawless, smooth with very small veins, nicely executed pig tail cap, firm and well packed with a little spring when pinched, the cigar foot was clean and straight

Pre-light aroma/flavor: rich musky tobacco

Light: Lit quickly and evenly

Burn: Burned evenly the entire length. Smoke was cool from start to finish. Overall, excellent burn quality

Flavor: Bitter and sweet elements were very well balanced from the start to finish. Flavors detected were very fine earthy tobacco, creamy coffee, sweet hay, madeira mushroom sauce, nutmeg, charred wood. Started off briefly with the charred wood/earthy tobacconess and quickly settled down to creamy backbone with other flavors dancing throughout.

Smoke: Thick, velvety mouthfeel and cigar generated a good amount of smoke

Aroma: Pleasant woody/tobacco aroma

Strength: Starts off medium and progressively gains in strength to med/full

Draw: Nice draw, not too loose

Time: Solid hour

General Comments: Overall excellent smoke, well balanced and love the size.

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I enjoy this cigar as well. Very tasty, consistent smoke that always seems to draw well and has rich but accessible flavors. You know you are smoking a premium with this great corona, and I agree with you about the size....perfect afternoon cigar, but also good enough to stand up after a hearty meal

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