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  1. Apologies all. Should have checked which username was logged in. My post but no idea how to change it to my name. Anyway, same question stands. Barman....another JD please [emoji1634] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My box of RyJ’s arrived on Monday 23rd March. First thing I noticed was how tightly they were packed in the box. Never had any sticks like this - almost too long for the box! There was a slight sheen to the cigars and a mild aroma. Box code: MSA Oct 19 The first chance I had to sample one was two days ago, outside in a cold easterly wind. Sky was as clear as can be, sun beaming but no warmth. What I really noticed though was how eerily quiet it was, with everyone inside trying to avoid Covid-19. Cold aroma: Very little to report here. The obvious tobacco smell but no real distinguishable aromas. The same on the unlit draw, just a tobacco taste with perhaps a tiny hint of a fruit. First third: The first real flavour was that of salt, although it did not last long. On the retro hale there was definitely a hint of leather. Other than that, the odd cedar and fruit taste but sporadic and light. Second third: Bitterness came in and didn't really leave. Ammonia throughout. At one point the wind ashed the stick for me and for a few minutes after this the cigar smoothed out a little. Just when I hoped it had turned a corner, back came the ammonia. It got so strong that at one point I almost had to give it up........almost. Final third: Same as the middle getting progressively stronger. As I neared the golden band I had to let it go. The construction and draw were near-faultless throughout. Looking forward to trying the next one! Score: 86 Steve
  3. Yep, totally understand. I was asking as I read that Shelby07 was dropping out.
  4. Is it ok if I bring a friend? Also a new BOTL. He rarely gets saturdays off but is indeed free this weekend. Hoping this won’t cause an issue. Presume we can’t smoke our own in JJ’s?
  5. Irritate your stomach? Can’t see why a cigar would have any bearing on an appendix op. And your appendix definitely isn’t your stomach.
  6. Interesting.....speared one with a stick and looks like you shot the second.
  7. Hi everyone. I was introduced to this forum and wow! Spent the last hour or so reading the rules and having a look about. What a fantastic place! I’ve only been smoking cigars for a little while - maybe a year or so. In that time I’ve discovered a bit of a love with Bolivar’s. Im still finding my way around and seeing what I like - it’s a great journey. As well as cigars I like fishing and astrophotography. All the best! Steve

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