Atomic Buffalo Turds


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I found these on a bbq/smoker forum. I cannot take credit for the recipe or the name.

I started with 15 jalapenos. With gloves on, cut the ends off, halved them and cored out the membrane and seeds and placed them on a paper towel to dry.

While they dried I mixed a big ass dallop of cream cheese with shredded mild cheddar and put the mixture into a ziploc and cut the corner of the bag to squeeze the mixture into the jalapeno halves like cake icing.

After putting the cheese mixture in, I placed a little smokie in the center, wrapped the pepper with a half slice of bacon and put onto a skewer.


I placed the skewers in the smoker with hickory wood and smoked at 275 degrees F for an hour and 45 minutes. Here was the results(Had to lighten the pictures a bit because my cellphone sucks)


Brought approx 30 of these to a get together Sunday and they got hoovered up in about 5 minutes flat. If you are going to make these, you should prepare 4-5 for each person.

While cooking with jalapenos may seem intimidating, these had very little heat in MOST of the peppers. One of em gotcha every once in a while but can still be enjoyed by the faint of heart. The amount of membrane you leave behind is going to determine how much heat these little bastards will possess. Enjoy! TD

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Most excellent. A cool variation of the traditional breaded jalapeno filled with cream cheese.

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