Does Spanish Cedar change the flavor of cigars?


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I have just been starting out on my Cuban cigar obsession.  I have currently been using a Boveda Small Acrylic Humidor.  It just holds twenty Robustos.  I have one of the older models that doesn’t have the Spanish Cedar tray.  It just has an acrylic tray to elevate the cigars above the Boveda packs, so it’s 100% acrylic.  I needed something bigger so I ordered a Colibri Quasar Humidor.  It’s a traditional humidor that is lined with Spanish Cedar.  I guess I should have asked you all this question before I ordered it, but does the Spanish Cedar lining change the flavor of the cigars?  I know that Spanish Cedar has been synonymous with cigars for probably thousands of years, but I want to taste my Cubans for what they are and don’t want anything changing their taste.  Any help is appreciated.

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Spanish cedar is used in humidors for its hygroscopic properties and due to the fact that it won’t ruin your cigars by adding unwanted taste. You should be ok. 

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