The Day I picked up a Cuban Hitchhiker.

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Nice reading, except for some factual errors listed below about the Robaina farm.

I always make a point of giving people a ride in Cuba, they sure need transportation - but have never taken a policeman, somehow I am allergic to them ...  :-).

At 26, Tom had a good job with Alejandro Robaina, Cuba’s last independent tobacco grower, looking after the export of his world-famous cigars.

Rafael explained that the very existence of Señor Robaina’s plantation was an oddity in communist Cuba. Robaina was the last independent tobacco grower,

As a result, Robaina cigars are among the best in the world, and the plantation is allowed to make Cohiba, the best-known Cuban cigars, which were once produced only for Fidel and his dignitaries.

Finally came the rolling. Half a dozen women worked nonstop, filling, packing and wrapping, with movements so deft and calculated that I had no doubt they’d be able to do their job with their eyes closed.


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