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Come across this humidor on Craigslist about a month or so ago.  The guy had several hundred random cigars that he wanted to bundle with it. I had no interest in them and kept an eye on it. He found someone to take the majority of the cigars leaving a few "high end, very expensive custom rolled CC and NC sticks". I had pretty much jumped to my own conclusion ahead of time in regards to these "custom" sticks. I get to his house and open up the humidor. To say that the sticks were SHIT would be a compliment. Falling apart, flaking apart, each one damaged.  I had a chuckle and politely declined. 

The humidor itself is 32" tall x 23" wide x 15" deep. It has two portions. The cabinet portion is closed off from the upper portion. Essentially two humidors in one. It is solidly built with thick cedar, seals around all the edges and glass, and the top lid is very thick and heavy.  The seal on the doors and lid are impressive.

There are a couple things I don't care for but can't complain too much for the price of this beauty. First thing is unfortunately the two sections are seperated. There are no air slots leading to the upper portion so I'll still have to use beads, foam, etc in the top portion. I have my Oasis excel in the cabinet and I just ordered the additional hydra fan kit to attach to it. Second thing is the side channels used to hold the foam humidifiers. They are firmly attached but I should be able to pry them off. I might try one to see how it looks after I take it off before deciding to pry the rest off. Third nag would be the top dividers. They are put together firmly and weren't meant to come apart for you to adjust the layout. 

Regardless it's a nice humidor that will allow my collection to grow with plenty of room for boxes. I have a question for you guys. Does anyone know what that little shelf in the top portion is for? It seems odd for that to be there to cover that bigger middle section. 






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