Back From Atlantis

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What's up FOH ? !

Finally made my way back to reality from Paradise . We had a great time !

As always , the resort was absolutely beautiful ! Someone posted it was starting to get run down . I didn't see any signs of that . The staff was friendly as usual . First thing every morning and evening , the workers are on top of they're game ,keeping the grounds cleaned up . We did have a mix up on our room assignment . We paid for a room with a full ocean view . They tried to give us a private villa with no view at ground level . Long story short , we wound up with a two room , two bath , full ocean view suite at no extra cost and a few extra comps for good measure . Way to go Atlantis !

If you have children , they while absolutely love this place ! There's enough to keep them busy morning ,noon and night . We took my 8 year old granddaughter and 11 yr old nephew . They had a blast !

Now for the goods ! I hadn't been on the beach 5 minutes and a group of guys where trying to sell me cuban cigars . I just smiled and keep walking and held up a stick I had with me . I guess you can't blame a guy for trying .

Of course, I found the the Havana Humidor with no problem . I've never seen that kind of inventory before , so I was impressed . Yes , the cigars are over priced , but so is everything else on Paradise Island . I can't imagine anyone going in that shop and not dropping some cheese on something . I couldn't do it . I didn't break the bank , but I bought a few sticks home with me with no problems . If your on vacation you might as well enjoy yourself . Oh yeah , they also had a guy there , that was rolling fresh cigars . That was interesting to watch up close . I wish I had asked more questions about the process .. Also the staff was friendly as hell . They would take you inside the humidor and you could pick out your own stick or they would go through and feel them until they found one that was just right for you . Thanks to Adrian and the sexy LaShawn for your help and answering all my questions .

Needless to say , I hung out at the HH a few evening after the family called it a night .

Anyway , I can't wait to go back to Atlantis !

I'll post a few photos soon

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