Irish Halloween Joke

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I saw Ken's Irish joke. :-)

I thought I'd share another one, with a halloween theme for the month that's in it.

An Irishwoman decides to have a Halloween party and as a theme guests must come dressed as a human emotion.

On the night, she has the place ready and the doorbell rings.

When she opens the door there's a guy in a green suit with a green hat on.

"What are you supposed to be?" she says.

"I'm green with envy"

"Very good, come on in".

Doorbell rings again, this time there's a guy standing there in a red tracksuit with red shoes.

"What are you supposed to be" she says.

"I'm red with anger".

"Very good, come on in".

A while later, the party's getting going and the doorbell rings again.

Outside, there are two guys, naked, one of them has a pear covering his privates, the other has his nether regions dipped in a bowl of custard.

"What the hell are you two supposed to be?"

The first guy answers..

"I'm deep in 'dis pear and he's f&ckin' 'dis custard".

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