Deep Dive: Por Larranaga Petit Corona


Deep Dive on the Por Larranaga Petit Corona   

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10 hours ago, Frinkiac7 said:

Great cigar. Just finished a 2009 cab (might be one or two from the cab hanging around) and about to crack a 2015. I smoke them slowly but they are always good!


I may be dense, but is there a subthread for swaps or trading?

trading room

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Pretty light bodied and mild tobacco flavors for me. Never saw any mongrel out of them. Was overall disappointed after reading the hype that surrounds these. Back when they were about $230 a cab I purchased 2 cabs. They are enjoyable and certainly a good investment if I decide to sell in 10 years. At under $5 a stick I get them. At the current prices give me a HUHC or P Short any day of the week, much much more flavor in those cigars. 

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