$1,000 USD to invest

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Let’s hear it! How would you invest $1,000 USD?


Could be a long term return, maybe a mutual fund that you can contribute to every now and again…..


…..or a quick hit and reinvest type of thing - maybe snag a box of Cohiba something or other and flip it and make a quick 30%?



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1. Buy and read a couple of financial books (The Four Pillars of Investing, The Richest Man in Babylon, etc)

2. Start an emergency fund

3. Pay off any high APR debt

4. Put the rest in VOO and VT


Or buy Krugerrands and boxes of P.L. Montecarlo 😀    At least they will never be worthless.

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Hookers and booze. If that doesn't suit you then I would look into and thoroughly research NFT's for a potential quick return 

For a longer term investment route, I bought Apple stock about 10 years ago it has provided a very nice roi. I only wish I had bought more sooner. Woulda, shoulda, coulda...

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The Foxfire book series. If you can find it. For when the grocery stores go empty. I'm not a hardcore prepper, but then again I won't immediately die when Starbucks closes. 🤣🤣🤣

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Pay down debt, then look at commodities.

edit:  variable debt like ccs and 2nd's.  float a low fixed mortgage.

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I don’t often give investment advice, much less on FOH but I’m a finance guy. Not the most fun stock pick but I’d say assuming you don’t already have a core portfolio, start with an S&P 500 Index fund. The focus should be on getting diversified quickly with smaller dollar amounts and keeping fees low. As you have more invested buying individual stocks, closed-end funds, stuff like that can make sense and be more fun if you have a long(er) investment horizon.

For more speculative stuff, certainly alot of the growth stuff is getting interesting lately. I am more a value guy but have been buying Rivian recently. I’m a car guy so there’s a bit of a hobby component there, although I do plan for it to be a long term investment unless something changes. 

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