Eureka. Nailed a Desnudo/Nudie 46 blend.

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Is there any difference in taste delivery between the two? I would choose the format that delivers the taste that is more accurate to your intention. 

If they taste exactly the same, CG for sure. I'm cheap and I don't wanna pay 20% more simply for a more "fancy" shape :rotfl:

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Another for the corona gordo! Also a favorite size!!

However, a ton of ncs make a le in different shapes with fancy packaging and blow up the pricing (sometimes with a fancy leaf tweak). Seems to be a profitable endeavor?

So brown bag cgs for those of us who smoke like chimneys and a cs in a ten count logo'd box to pass out as gifts or display in our collection? 

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4 hours ago, dominattorney said:

Go for the CF. Be bold. Be different. There are plenty of good corona Gorda cigars already on the market at a decent price point. 


4 hours ago, Meesterjojo said:



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