Private Label Habanos cigars

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Private Label Cubans exist to this day, below is an example of one. I have a feeling a select few in this forum might have one of their own...i'm looking at you Senor @Nino ;).  Does anyone know what the process is like? Do you get to select your blend 100%? or do you have to choose from a selection of cigars. 

Has anyone smoked a private label cigar? I have once about 3/4 years ago it was a robusto size and it was excellent. Lovely smoke. 


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2 hours ago, Puros Y Vino said:

Buy custom rolls. Get your own labels made. Voila!  :D

Bingo! Though I'd stick with customs you get on the island, as the examples I've tried off other vendors haven't been great. I certainly wouldn't want to stake my name on them! That said, given what the fakers are producing, it can't be that hard to make a nice looking band for your own private label. 

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