Quai d'Orsay Senadores 12DCRC

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4 minutes ago, Goodfortune said:

Thanks for the review! You have been powering through the sampler! I have enjoyed reading your reviews on them. I’m excited to tap into my sampler soon. 


When I did the first review a week ago (it seems longer now), I was planning on doing one, maybe two since it was getting cold. I even picked the smallest one to start off with. Then on the second review @Boxer31 asked if I was trying to finish them all before it got too cold, and I thought well why not.


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Nice review!

I’ve now had all 3 of the EL’s you listed, totally agree that the Propios is the weakest performer, and just not the right size for me. The Senadores and Supremo were both very good, but I found my Senadores just edged out my Supremo, probably just because I found its taste profile a tad more exotic and interesting. 

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2 minutes ago, havanaclub said:

Nice review.
Where are you getting these weights? Especially for the el new releases.

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Table of general weights is here:


(In this case it's technically a Hermosos No.2)

But you can browse the site by brand and then click on the vitola to get specific info (useful for rarer stuff):


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