Romeo y Julieta 2016 LE Capulto- nice surprise

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While digging through a humidor last night I found the 2016 R y J Capuleto hiding next to some R J Tacos.  A very lucky find!  I think it was part of a FOH sampler from a while ago and I forgot I had it...Started out mild with a tinge of caramel, nice firm draw, a little tinge of coffee.  Then after the first third, bam, someone unleashed something (your metaphor here), expresso, toasted tobacco, powerhouse of flavors.  Wonderful to the end- wish I had more.  

I have been holding the 2018 R y J Tacos becuase people say they need the proverbial 3-5.  I'm hoping that in another two years (or more, if I misplace some)  I can expect something close to the Capuleto.

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LOVED the two Capulto's I picked up in a FoH EL sampler back in the day.  The one Taco Ive smoke so far left me with a lot to be desired.  I actually chunked it into the fire after smoking about half of it and grabbed something else.  Im hoping the other ones I have come around eventually into something the Capulto was.  

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16 minutes ago, BoliDan said:

I dont buy ELs, but these are very tempting to hunt down.

My personal opinion is that 2016 was the best year for EL releases recently.  Couldnt go wrong with any of them for the year.  Would have loved to gone in on a box for for Capulto's but they came in 25's which put it outside my price point but was worth it at the time on a per stick cost basis.  

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