HdM Hoyo du Prince TOR JUN 16 (SRW)

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On holiday in the Canaries and this was always going in the box for the week away. I've a dozen left and am rationing myself to eek them out, they can only last so long...

The construction in this box has been solid and this one was no exception. Beautiful brindled wrapper, consistent feel along the body and a perfect draw. I had to borrow a light off the lady who was cleaning the hotel room so I only had one shot at this - no relights or corrections possible. It wasn't an issue as the cigar (mostly) behaved itself.

The cold draw was all cedar and honey and the first ( only) light produced a creamy smoke that filled the air. The cedar translated to the flavour, with only a hint of sweetness in the background. The burn was perfect for a while but a slight worrying canoe developed at the end of the first third. Careful management by slowing right down and careful timing to keep it alight sorted it out. Phew.

Du Prince seem to vary in flavour from one to the other, this one more to the woody end of the spectrum. Pistachio ice cream sprung to mind at the halfway point, served on a burnt wooden spoon to complete the picture if you will.

The strength never got overpowering, staying firmly in the middle range. I've had a couple from an earlier (14?) box that were considerably stronger with the rest of that box on the top end of medium. This box has always been milder and much more pleasant.

A black coffee element joined the party towards the end, defined but not bitter. Very nice addition.

Band off and the last knockings had all of the above in equal measure with a slight pepper sprinkled over it all.

So, coffee, honey and pistachio ice cream on a burnt wooden spoon. That's a Michelin dessert right there.

Score? 8*/10edbfe9188c96f347a29fab0b4ef00507.jpgd820fed7e7eb1c0261500b4542a8c8a6.jpgbae2c40d9d695de0ee61d56e7cb6de84.jpg


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