Bolivar Belicoso Finos MSU ABR 2018 (BWRC)

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I have just added lots of boxes to my Humi and was loosing a lot of humidity. Changed to 72 boveda and now holding at 69. I must admit most of you are all correct... it’s too humid and it created some burn issues so I will be changing back to a lower level soon. Thanks for the heads up. 


1st third nutty, coffee, creamy with cocoa; excellent start from my BBF one of my favorites. 


2nd third became a little leathery and tanic or miner-ally maybe from humidity being slightly high. Maybe from young age ? Cream and nut also flowed great with amazing smoke output and enjoyment. Still going strong. 


Final 3rd had to touch up; definitely needs to be 64-66 for my smoke preferences but we live and learn. None the less flavor was nutty, leather and creamy and quite enjoyable. I would say medium to random puffs of full. Smoke time was one hour and 5 minutes of bliss for this guy. Bolivar Belicosos Fino is a star in my book. 

I would give it a score of 90 .. and I continue to see many are as they are always swooped up on 24:24 as fast as they show up !


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