WINNER & RESULT ANNOUNCED!! 50/50 FOH's Weekly Poll Comp: #5

50/50 Poll #5  

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It's the first big brand war to go up the flag poll on 50/50... Apple or PC! Read the poll question. Choose your side! As always, you may elaborate below. : )


All about 50/50...

50/50 is a weekly poll where we find out whether or not some serious bones of contention questions can be finally be buried or will instead remain above ground as a fleshy 50/50 debate... you know, such weighty issues as these...

If given no other option:

are you a Cohiba or Monte person? 

do you prefer Hunnicutt or Trapper in M*A*S*H? 

Connery or Moore as Bond?

Apple or PC?

Smooth or Crunchy peanut butter? 

do you prefer wearing men's or women's underwear?

Sacrificing chickens or virgins?

...that sort of standard fare. 

Vote in the poll and further bolster your standpoint in the thread below if you wish. Poll Votes are public and there's a couple of sticks up for grabs for participants. :party:

Also, PM me Polls that you'd like me to conduct on 50/50 and there'll be a prize for those we decide to use. :thumbsup:

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Apple. Because it’s fun to see half of you get sooo annoyed with my choice. 

Thanks for the congrats ladies and gents. But as this forum is about sharing the love for cigars I’ve decided to give somebody else the chance to enjoy these cigars (and I’ve honestly got enough

Since I'm being forced into this binary decision, I'm compelled to choose PC (because I'm a logical and rational human being). How would I prefer to answer?  

Always PC man even when I had a macbook I would bootcamp it, but I do like the iphone but currently run android.  Tempted to go back to iphone if they actually make the iphone 11 a decent bump up.

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No not that choice, damn you! 

This one is tough for sure, I use an IPhone and PCs, I guess I would have to try a Mac and an Android phone before I make a choice. But if pressed, I would switch to Android, plus Macs are expensive and I am a cheap bastard sometimes. 

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Went from Blackberry to Apple many years ago as RIM shat the bed.

Switched to Android after a couple of generations.

Back to Apple most recently and glad to be back....full stack. Mac, iPad, iPhone, iShit you not.....

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So limited by Apple! Might as well put your phone and nuts in a vise cause there isn't much that can be done to Apple without having to pay for it! Android all day! Have never went back! 

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PC. Even though i use iPhone, iPad Mini, all of my business work is done on custom built i7 Hexa Core and Microsoft Surface Pro.

I can go Android any time but i cant move everything to iOS. No way

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PC/Android. Have had 2 Apple devices over the years (40gb iPod and a iPad Mini). Neither was purchased by me. I was given the iPod, and I won the iPad Mini in a World Cup tipping comp. I have a Dell XPS 15 laptop, S7 phone (will be upgrading to another 'droid mobile), and a Galaxy S4 tablet. Also have Samsung TVs and TCL Android TVs. I do not see myself ever going over to Apple voluntarily.

My bro has PC laptops, iPad, Android phone; his wife has the same set up. They use their iPads for entertainment, not work.

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This is a tough one. Apple in terms of computers. Operating system is easy to use, display is gorgeous especially the iMac.

Andriod for the phone - more customization better overall performance imo better camera.

Can I split the vote ....

Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk

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