Punch Punch PET FEB 17 (PQDRW)

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Good looking cigar! Wrapper was smooth and I prefer the shade to a darker one. Grabbed this on the way out the door for a long drive through the country.


After cutting, the draw is just on the right side of firm, too much tighter and I would have been disappointed.




1/3 A few rough edges in the first inch, but this may have been operator error. I hate using a torch to light a cigar in the blinding sun and may have scorched it. It recovers and slides right into a toasty ready flavor with a sour fruit background. It’s sort of like a sour cherry?




2/3 Same flavors continue - particularly that citrusy fruity flavor. I should probably deranged these two flavors and describe them but because I was on a drive I can’t quite put my finger on it. Construction has been pretty good thus far and the draw starts to open more toward the end of this section.




3/3 That fruity citrusy note complete disappears in the last third and I’m left with a bright woodsy finish.


Conclusion: I’m definitely a fan of Punch Punch. I think this cigar was actually in great shape for 2 years old and if I had more of this code I might be tempted to let it go for another year just to see if it can open up a little more.





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