Cohiba Siglo II 2018 (CWRC)

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This is my first Siglo II from early 2018 (sorry, forgot box code).  For a Cohiba, I have one word that I've never applied to one: power.  Opening flavours of pepper and spices with a hint of wood, with some creamy notes that give it that classic richness.  A very concentrated stick.  I was disappointed that it did not evolve much at all.  This is the smallest rg I have ever had with a Cohiba and had hoped that it would blast the grassy sweetness of the the larger rg's.  At this stage, I would call it an "overcorrection."  Too much strength.  But no doubt that it needs much more age if it is to come around. 

Had this been my first Cohiba and it was properly aged, I would have to say that I can't figure out what all the fuss is about.  Nice draw, nice construction, good looker.  Just not the subtle depth that I would say makes a Cohiba a Cohiba.  I would only give it a 6 out of 10.  But, I am confident that it could improve dramatically with another year or more on them.  Since these are not a widely discussed stick, I would be curious what others have to say about it.  Me?  "Meh."  






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Has been a daily smoke since a week 

Very nice smake and tastes after a long day at the office 

 nice review 

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