Boveda calibration packs vs salt test

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Sorry if this has already been discussed, couldn’t find anything. 

I just got 3 Boveda Butlers after seeing the discussion here. I calibrated all 3 at the same time using the three different kits supplied (75% calibration pack and a plastic bag.) All 3 read 80% out of the box with the 75% packs after 24 hours. I then checked my existing hydrometers (2 digital Xikars and 1 standard analog) in the kits.  I had previously calibrated them using the salt test. Lo and behold, they also read 80% after 24 hours. 

So, which should I trust, boveda or salt  seems to be a pretty big spread between the two.  

EDIT: probably should add that this would not have raised an eyebrow if all 3 of the Butlers weren’t off by the same amount as my existing hydrometers. I would think they would be somewhat calibrated at the factory. 

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I would trust the Boveda.  Quite often, people oversaturate their salt and this will increase the RH in the micro-environment.  FYI, for the 'salt test' to be truly accurate, the salt needs to be around just barely damp.  The Boveda is also a salt based solution.  It will be fairly accurate, ready to go.

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35 minutes ago, Colt45 said:

Ginseng had an interesting post regarding the salt test:

Salt Slurry

Damp is saturated.  I think visible standing liquid is too much water.  Regardless, the Boveda will largely remove error and provide the most accurate calibration.  But that's just my opinion!  ?

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44 minutes ago, smokum said:

I assume the butler calibrates itself to the pack otherwise its kind of useless. 

This was my inclination also but I thought it odd that everything was off by the same amount. Since I posted the question I have seen that the ratio of the slurry should be 3 parts salt (plain iodized) to 1 part water. I am pretty sure my mix was quite a bit wetter than this. So I’m going with the Boveda. Thanks for the replies. 

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