Monte Linea 1935: Best Vitola

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So for those who have had all three of these, any one stand out better then the others?  How is the Dumas?  

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I have recently smoked the Dumas and it was a powerhouse (which i love!) full body all the way, haven't had the other 2 but the Dumas i can say is a great stick!

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Disappointed with the Dumas felt you can get much better sticks for the price point, Love the Leyenda and the Maltes is only a little behind.  Would say the Leyenda smokes like the Monte 80.

If you could only smoke one go for the Leyenda.

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Smoking a Dumas right now.  ...first I’ve smoked of the Linea 1935.  Wow!  Loving it.  It’s like smoking a rocky road icecream.  I like the size.  It’s very well rolled.  Beautiful, dark wrapper.  Excellent draw.  Everything you would hope for at this price.  Smooth, creamy, and balanced for such a young cigar.  

I’ll have to give kudos to the wife for such a good Christmas gift.  Too bad it wasn’t a box and just a single! ?


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