Video Review - Partagas Serie No.1 LE 2017

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2 hours ago, Monterey said:

What is Australian cold?  21c?

at my place - in the 'sunshine state' - can get stiflingly hot and humid in summer. but winter can be very cold. today, seriously so. my house gets no sun till after midday in winter - surrounded by trees and on a slope down to a creek where the cold pools. talking to an architect this morning and he was saying houses back when this was built had no form of installation at all. i do have a fireplace but it is in a room which is well over 2/3rds of the house so would need to really be roaring to help much at all. never lit it. i suspect i'd scare half the wildlife in the district out of the chimney. 

so four layers, beanies, scarves, winter slippers, type with fishing gloves as they have the fingers cut out. 

now as for temperature - some years ago, in winter, i grabbed a mug and filled it from the water/ice dispenser the fridge has. put it on my counter about 8am. forgot it. went out and got back at 5pm. the glass was still full of ice. none had melted. i have done this numerous times since on cold days, more to see if it is still happening than anything else.  

so, to sit out in a well lit room for about 9 hours and not melt at all, how cold is that? not much over freezing, i'd guess. so perhaps a bit colder.

one evening when i first moved here, was on the balcony about 9pm with some mates. think rob might have been there. warren was. he had a "gun thermometer". pointed it over the balcony into the dark towards the creek. 

minus four. -- 4C! 

and we are one of the warm states! 

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Smoked a couple and have found them pretty good, had a burn issues with one but the other one smoked great.

It's tough to justify at the price but it's a LE and they are always tough to actually justify the massive markup vs flavour return when going up against a RASS or PSD4

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