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Here’s my guy Boomer. He always wants to smell my cigar just to confirm that it isn’t food! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

The left and right one were shelter rescues.  The middle was adopted from a litter of pups found in the woods.  Best friends ever!

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3 hours ago, rayshow said:

Hope, I'm posting in the right thread. So many experienced pet ownrs here. How do I protect my dog from ticks in the woods? Sould I spray it with deet or permetherin (ticks spray) ? I found some tips on Pet Express but still need your recs

Ticks is an issue here also.

Problem is, from our experience from trying a range of different aids over the years, those acaricides that are truly effective are not completely harmless to the dogs. One of our dogs once partially shed its hair and showed a strong local response with lesions to the skin to a permethrin-based product (Advantix) (note: permethrin is toxic to cats!). You'll have to carefully test it on your dog and best consult with your vet. Black cumin (nigella) oil, by which some folks swear, has proven completely ineffective for us.

Would also love to hear about other - effective - options.

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5 hours ago, bdw1984 said:


Carosel Aguilo's Arnold Palmer, my (next month) 4 year old Dobe.  We showed him for a bit but he ended up having a couple surgeries (self inflicted, from eating socks) and some prostate issues which caused some bleeding, so he had to get neutered , ending his showing.  He's a terrific dog, very smart, and friendly, but you still probably wouldn't want to break into my house or mess with my wife/daughter. 


I'm in the process of getting a second one, will post here if/when I do.  Protracted negotiations with the wife...


What a gorgeous pup!!!

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On 11/28/2019 at 4:16 PM, bdw1984 said:

@Kaptain Karl thanks! My wife and I always joke that he’s the most photogenic member of the family. He’s really a great family dog. 

Haha that’s awesome! I’ve always admired them, they look so much like a huge athletic version of my little guy! 

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On 11/28/2019 at 11:15 AM, Kaptain Karl said:

Here’s my lil guy Duke! My mom got him for me 2 years ago as a surprise Christmas present...and he’s been my bud ever since. 







Wife & boy are wanting a weiner dog, so my Charlie has company.......hoping to get one for Christmas for them

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10 hours ago, irratebass said:

Wife & boy are wanting a weiner dog, so my Charlie has company.......hoping to get one for Christmas for them

You may call them Wiener or sausage dog (if you so must), Dachshund or Teckel - but surely, these tough little guys are anything but 'whiners'.  :D

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