Diplomaticos No2 EMA AGO 07

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Swedish summer at its best right now with around 28 centigrade in the evening. Better than the -20 we had five months ago...

Fired up the bbq and enjoyed some meat, fresh potatoes and home made bread with the family. How to top this one of? Cigar!!!

Picked up one of my Dip2´s from the plastidor and sat down on the deck while the evening sun dissapeared behind the trees.


Construction: Pretty ugly. No beautyqueen here.

Draw: Perfect.

Prelight taste/smell: Mild tobacco. Nothing special.

1/3: Started up with full power and lots of spice. Just what I expected from this one. Plenty of nicotine for everyone!

2/3: Spice and dark coffee. Nothing extraordinary. Just a regular good cigar. Burn is razorstraight and the ash is a work of art. Didnt fall off until it passed halfway.

3/3: Still a lot of coffee and spices. Lots of licorice around and full of nicotine indeed. After finishing it left a fine taste of cuban tobacco in my mouth. Yummy!

Overall: As said before: just what I expected from this. Traditional diplomaticos profile which for me means a really fine medium body cigar without any real complexity. I like the dip2 but in my world they are way behind the dip4 in taste.

Cheers all! Have a nice weekend!!

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I just by chance brought one down the beach for a long weekend. Problem was that it had a really bad uneven burn and I had forgotten my torch to correct the burn. I only had three matches that my buddy had at his condo. Unfortunately, it went out about half way with an eneven burn that spanned about an inch and a half and had to ditch it.

Enjoyed the taste up until that point. Thank the lord my buddy will be down in a few hours with his torch.

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Good review Mkz. :o

I love the Dip2's one of my favourites and not normally for their looks as they tend to be veiny.

Surprising you did not notice the slight nuance of Vanilla also. I find the Dip 2's to be creamy also. :help:

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You set the scene beautifully :D

Your review mirrored the majority of Dip 2's that I have had. Enjoyable, dependable. Then there are those reddy brown shedevils which blow my mind. Exhilarating, magnificent, deep and rich.

God bless them :P

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