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Found 5 results

  1. Ready for some cigar pr0n? Someone on FB reached out to me about a shopkeeper who is looking to ID what era these are from and any background information. The items in question are both from Hoyo de Monterrey. One appears to be a salesman sample case with 62 cigars. The other is a huge wall mounted cabinet showcasing the HdM factorie's offerings (in fivers) along with two monster showpiece cigars. There are some really gorgeous bands here too. If anyone here has any insight, please post here. In the meantime, enjoy the pics. Salesman travel case. Top of case. Closeup of seal. Open case. Some closeups of the cigars. Second item: HdM Cabinet. Probably used to hang in the factory at one time. Closeup on fivers. Closeup of "artillery shell" cigar. Closeup on second large cigar.
  2. Hi all, I've searched this but haven't seen a good thread discussing, so figured I'd post. My accumulation/aging of cigars started 7+ years ago with NC's, and I transitioned to CC's 5 years ago. Like many here, I graduated from a 200 count desktop humi to a coolidor, then a larger coolidor, then a 150qt coolidor with custom cedar shelves. That filled up, and eventually I discovered Sterilite air tight tupperware. I now have 7 of the 54 QT tupperwares in my basement, and they are excellent at holding humidity, and cheap. It has been my daydream to one day have a great smoking room in my house with a nice large storage solution for all my boxes. I finally have that chance, as I've purchased a larger house and will be moving next month. What I'd like is a storage solution big enough to accommodate my 200+ boxes, as well as extra capacity to hold at least another 100 more... because you know.. cigars are a great investment I've looked at Aristocrat Cabinets, have read some of the threads about wineadors, and have seen some folks converting commercial sliding door beverage refrigerators into cigar storage. What is the consensus on the best option for storage of 200+ boxes? At what point is it silly to spend $3k+ on an Aristocrat, when I could start considering building a two-walled corner "mini walk-in" storage area into the corner of a room in my house. Is there a readily available commercial option for a sliding-door beverage type cooler? I love USA's thread where he shares his massive collection, and I drew inspiration from some of his storage solutions: But I haven't seen anything like these available in the US: Would appreciate people's ideas and input on the best solution. Thanks
  3. So this is the sitch... Basically I want a really nice corner in my kitchen that will have both wine and cigars. From the research I've done, I can get split-temperature fridges, but this is much more focused at the wine enthusiast, and has limitations (such as humidity control only available at cellaring temperatures - 12-14c). In the long-run, I think I'll need 2 separate, small wine fridges, one of which I could convert for cigar use, one stacked on top of the other. This would be a great piece for the kitchen and look amazing. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can accomplish all of this with 2 small units? I'd prefer that both units are the same model.
  4. Let me preface this post by noting I am only 20 years of age and am still living at home, so space is limited, parents hate cigars. I have just a 50 count desktop humidor that is filled to the brim, I really want to buy more boxes... but frankly don't have enough space. Where do I go from here? buy more desktops? or look at cabinets/custom wineadors? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  5. According to CCW, the wood used has changed. "Around 1997, the timber changed from solid cedar to cedar veneered plywood." Where would one get "cedar veneered plywood"? I'm interesting in getting some custom boxes made. Any suggestions on what type of wood I can use would be welcome too. The base requirements being, non odorous and able to withstand warping from moisture.

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