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Found 13 results

  1. What’s up with the Punch 48 having gold LCDH bands? I was rummaging through the humidor looking for tonight’s smoke and noticed that it’s secondary band was gold while the other LCDH bands I have are red. Does anyone have any insight as to any differences this might indicate / which cigars have gold vs red ?
  2. Furthering the discussion of RE/LE comparisons to value/enjoyment compared to regular/discontinued in a recent thread, we would like some input from the members as to which they feel were/are a lead runner for the specific marcas and those that were better off staying at the blocks... No right answers just opinion. We would ask that opinion posts be limited to those that have smoked at least 3 of the offending cigars to have insight beyond a single smoke or evaluation just upon size. We’ve not made this a poll on purpose; want descriptions and opinions on where to put money on this marca at 2021. In a sense, would like to throw down on what the members who’ve tried these feel you should target today. Feel free to quote the post and expound on your experience with the specific cigar. Current reg (hen’s teeth) production: Medaille d’Or No.4 ***not really in the discussion for current production until actual supply teases out... LCDH (year of release): Inmensos (2010) 25th Aniversario Pirámides (2017) 25th Aniversario Robustos Extra (2017) RE: Gloriosos Reino Unido (2008) Deliciosos Cuba (2009) Triunfos Suiza (2010) Belux No. 1 (2011) Paraiso Caribe (2015) Revolution Asia Pacifico (2015) Glorias 5ta Avenida (2016) Platinum Países Bajos (2017) Serie D No. 5 España (2018) Orgullosos Suiza (2018) Invictos Italia (2019) Unifree Turquía (2019) Británicas Extra Gran Bretaña (2020) Discontinued (year discontinued): Medaille d’Or No.2 (2014) Tainos (2012) Medaille d’Or No.1 (2010) Medaille d’Or No.3 (2010) Sabrosos (2002) (not going back beyond this point but feel free to include any info you wish on experiences with Cetros and beyond...)
  3. I have a bit of personal history with this place. And it is brief. I've been trying to get to it several times with no success. Tried to get to it back in 2006. Came too late it was closed and our tour was moving on from Rome. 2010. No luck again. Find the doors closed. 2011. Nope. Find a sign saying it is closed for 3 weeks. (Vacation) 2013. Success! Kinda. I called ahead to reserve their last two boxes of La Escepcion Selectos Finos. On the way down, my cell service craps out, so I can't confirm with them. My wife and I find the Fincato by the Piazza de al Colonna. I rush over and a few gents start coming out and the door and starting to close the security door. I'm thinking WTF?! I rush over and mention I had reserved some boxes. They stated they were heading out to lunch and would be back in 3 hours. I gently insisted I only needed a few minutes. One gent stayed back, he remember my emails and conversations about the LESF. But, he stated that since he hadn't heard back from me, he sold 3 sticks from one box. My mind was thinking full boxes only, so I passed (stupidly in retrospect) on that partial box. On the plus side. I had managed to buy my favourite cigar ever on my birthday, in Rome. 2019. On my last day in Italy, which happened to be in Rome. I bolted to the Fincato in search of the LGC Invictos. I found it open, much to my delight and proceeded upstairs. Sadly, they had sold out of Invictos and wouldn't be getting a new shipment until Saturday. I was leaving the next morning so that was no good for me. A salesman talked to another about any stock held back for customers that they could sell to me and back fill to the local purchaser.. No luck there. I appreciated the effort. Defeated, I thought I'd at least take some photos as it is a very nice shop. Classy throughout. I asked one of the gents there if that was OK, and it was. I must say, the staff were fantastic. Very courteous and professional. Even though they couldn't help me, they tried. Below are some shots of this stunning LCDH. And while I left Fincato empty handed. One salesman did give me a tip on another tobacconist that might have some Invictos in stock. And it was closeby too. So I rushed over and struck some gold. I sat one to enjoy one and it was magnificent. Medium to bold in body and very smooth. Not rough like the Casanova. This stick could be up there with the greats of the Italian RE line. I grabbed several boxes and a single to enjoy right there. Ciao
  4. I couldn’t find much info online about the Guatemala City LCDH so I figured I’d do a little report on it here. The LCDH was located in a nice shopping mall in a fancy looking part of town about 12 minutes away from the airport so I made a quick stop there. They had a great selection of pretty hard to find stuff... QDO 54, 50, Cohiba Lanceros, Talisman, Trinidad La Trova, old EL’s (Partagas 2012, Bolivar 2014). I picked up a nice assortment of stuff I can’t find in other places. The prices were a bit on the high side (prices on the list below are in Quetzales - divide by 7.7 for USD) but overall I would highly recommend visiting this LCDH if you’re looking for hard to find Habanos and are in the area.
  5. Not a post that originated on FOH but worthy of being in ReFOHrence. Original Source. Cigar Journal dot com downloadable PDF. LCDH List. Alphabetical by country. City. Address. Phone# ALBANIA La Casa del Habano Tirana Shopping Mall of Sheraton, Tirana Hotel & Towers. Tel. 355 384 093 251 ANDORRA La Casa del Habano Escaldes-Engordany Placa Co-Princeps, 3 Baixos, Escaldes-Engordany. Tel. 00 376 869 225 ARGENTINE La Casa del Habano Buenos Aires San Martín 690, Buenos Aires. Tel. (5411) 4314 1272 ARMENIA La Casa del Habano Ereván Yerevan, Ereván 4/7 Amiryan Str., Ereván. Tel. 374 11 550 444 ARUBA La Casa del Habano Ereván Royal Plaza Mall L.G. Smith, Blcd No. 94 Oranjestaad. Tel. 297 583 8509 AUSTRALIA La Casa del Habano Melbourne Ground Floor Grand Hyatt, Melbourne 123 Collins Street. Tel. 61 3 9650 0800 AZERBAIJAN La Casa del Habano Bakou Babek av. 21/99, Bakou. Tel. 999 12 490 62 97 BAHRAIN La Casa del Habano Manama Aéroport International, Manama. Tel. 973 226622 BARBADOS La Casa del Habano Holetown Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, 1st floor, Holetown St. James. Tel. (246) 621 0621 BELGIUM La Casa del Habano Antwerpen Ernest Van Dijckkaai 11, B-2000 Antwerpen. Tel. 00 32 32 34 02 02 La Casa del Habano Bruxelles Rue Faider 1C, 531, B-1060 Bruxelles. Tel. 00 32 2 534 29 00 La Casa del Habano Gent Limburgstraat 60, B-9000 Gent. Tel. 00 32 92 33 76 46 La Casa del Habano Knokke Dumortierlaan 107b, B-8300 Knokke. Tel. 00 32 50 66 67 97 La Casa del Habano Chalemagne Brussels European District Boulevard, Chalemagne 32, 1000 Brussel. BOTSWANA La Casa del Habano Gaborone Mowana Park Shopping, Gaborone. Tel. 267 350 00 90 BRAZIL La Casa del Habano Belo Horizonte Rua Alagoas, N°642, Bairro Funcionarios 30.130-160 Minas gerais, Belo Horizonte La Casa del Habano Rio de Janeiro Rua do Rosario, 107 CentroCep 22041-004 Rio de Janeiro. Tel. 55 21 2507 5866 La Casa del Habano Rio de Janeiro Rua Dias Ferreira 78-Lj Rio de Janeiro. Tel. 55 21 2512 5651 La Casa del Habano São Alameda de Jurupis 1402 Indianápolis, São Paulo. La Casa del Habano São Paulo Alameda lorena, 1899 Jardins, Cequeira César, São Paulo. Tel. 55 11 3062 2285 BULGARIA La Casa del Habano Sofia Aéroport international, Sofia. Tel. 359 2953 2708 La Casa del Habano Sofia Radisson SAS Grand Hotel, Narodno Sabranie Sq.4, c. Tel. 359 2953 1180 La Casa del Habano Sofia Mall of Sofia, Stamboliiski av., 101, Sofia. Tel. 359 2951 5987 CAMBODIA La Casa del Habano Phnom Penh Himawari Hotel Unit E 313, Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh. Tel. +855 (0) 7728 3330 CANADA La Casa del Habano Montréal 1434 Sherbrooke O/W rez-de-Chaussée P.Q. H3g 1K4, Montréal. Tel. 1 514 849 0037 La Casa del Habano Toronto 113 Yorkville Av. M5R 1C1, Toronto. Tel. 1 416 926 9066 La Casa del Habano Windsor 358 Oulette Avenue, ON N9A 1°6, Windsor. Tel. 1 519 254 0017 CAYMAN ISLANDS La Casa del Habano George Town – Grand Cayman P.O. Box 488, Cayside Galleries, George Town Grand Cayman. Tel. 345 9464666 CHILE La Casa del Habano Satiago del Cile Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Local S-104 nivel 1 Hotel W, Las Condes, Satiago del Cile CHINA La Casa del Habano Macau Rua de Pequim N°117, Edifico da Associacao Comercial de Macu, Res-do-Chao, Macau. Tel.853 2878 8320 La Casa del Habano Beijing The Westin Beijing, Financial Street North gate, 9B, Financial Street, Xicheng District,Beijing. Tel. 86 10 66297868 La Casa del Habano Beijing Shop No. F1163, The St. Regis Hotel, N°21 Jian Gou Men Wai Da Jie, Beijing. Tel. 86 1085321288 CZECH REPUBLIC La Casa del Habano Prague Dlouha Street 35 110, Prague. Tel. 00420 222 312 305 COSTA RICA La Casa del Habano San Joséò 75 m este de la Embajada Americana, barrio Rohmoser, en la calle principal de la zona, San Joséò. Tel. +50622203881 CROATIA La Casa del Habano Dubrovnik Ulica od Puca 1, 20000 Dubrovnik. Tel. 385 1 48 49 150 CUBA La Casa del Habano Ciego de Ávila Hotel Blau Colonial, Cayo Coco, Ciego de Ávila. Tel. 53 3 330 1311 La Casa del Habano Ciego de Ávila Hotel Meliá Cayo Guillermo, Ciego de Ávila. Tel. 53 3 330 1632 La Casa del Habano Cienfuegos Blvd Centro Histórico, Avenida No.54, esq a 33, Cienfuegos. Tel. 53 4 355 2144 La Casa del Habano Cayo Santa María Pueblo La Estrella, Cayo Santa María, provincia Villa Clara. Tel. 53 4 235 0134 La Casa del Habano La Habana 5ta Avenida y Calle 16, Miramar, Playa, La Habana. Tel. 53 7 214 4737 La Casa del Habano La Habana Club Habana, 5 Ave. Y 188 a 192, Playa, La Habana. Tel. 53 7 204 5700 La Casa del Habano La Habana Fábrica Partagás, Calle de la Industria No.520, Habana Vieja, La Habana. Tel. 53 7 866 8060 La Casa del Habano La Habana Hostal Conde Villanueva, Calle Mercaderes esq. Amargura, La Habana. Tel. 53 7 862 9293 La Casa del Habano La Habana Hotel Habana Libre, L e/23 y 25 Vedado, La Habana. Tel. 53 7 834 6111 La Casa del Habano La Habana Hotel Meliá Cohiba, 1ra y 3ra, La Habana. Tel. 53 7 835 2434 La Casa del Habano La Habana Meliá Habana, Ave. 3ra e / 76 y 80, Miramar, Playa, La Habana. Tel. 53 7 204 5289 La Casa del Habano La Habana Hotel Nacional, Calle 21 y O, Vedado, La Habana. Tel. 53 7 86 63 564 EXt 176 La Casa del Habano La Habana Hotel Palco, Calle 11 y 146, Cubanacán, Playa, La Habana. Tel. 53 7 204 7235 La Casa del Habano – Hotel Villa Turey, Guardalavaca, Zona residencial, Playa Guardalavaca, Holguín. Tel. 53 2 44 3431 La Casa del Habano Holguín Calle 1ra y 39, Varadero, Tatanzas. Tel. 53 45 61 4719 La Casa del Habano Varadero Calle 63 y 1ra Avenida, Varadero. Tel. 53 45 6 67 843 La Casa del Habano Varadero Galería comercial las Américas, Centro de Convenciones Plaza América, Autopista Oeste km 6, Varadero. Tel. +53 45 66 8181/8161 CYPRUS La Casa del Habano Larnaca Larnaca international Airport, Departures, Larnaca. Tel. 357 24 841574 La Casa del Habano Limassol 7B, Griva Dhigenis Str., Limassol. Tel. 357 25 747341 La Casa del Habano Nicosie 37C, Stasikratous Str., Nicosie. Tel. 357 22 458 602 La Casa del Habano Paphos 29°, Ap. Pavlou & Agapinoros Corner, Paphos. Tel. 357 26 934161 ECUADOR La Casa del Habano Quito Av. Seis de Diciembre, E-23-106 y Wilson Torre Málaga 3° Piso Oficina N°4, Quito. Tel. 511 368 1572 EGYPT La Casa del Habano Il Cairo EGA Duty Free Shop (LSU 6), Omar Bin El Khatab, St. City Star Mall – Nasr City, Il Cairo. Tel. 961 1 36 7200 GERMANY La Casa del Habano Aachen Lindenplatz 11-12, 52064 Aachen. Tel. 00 49 241 943 77 60 La Casa del Habano Berlin Fasanenstr. 9-10, Im Hotel Savoy, 10623 Berlin. Tel. 00 49 30 3110 36 46 La Casa del Habano Koblenz Pipe House, Jesuitengasse 1, 56068 Koblenz. Tel 00 49 261 158 55 La Casa del Habano Köln Hahnenstr. 2, 50667 Köln. Tel. 00 49 22 1256 231 La Casa del Habano Düsseldorf Königsallee 60/c Eingang Grünstr, 40212 Düsseldorf. Tel. 00 49 211 868 16 90 La Casa del Habano Düsseldorf Burghofstr. 28, 40223 Düsseldorf. Tel. 00 49 211 939 85 La Casa del Habano Hamburg Burchardstr. 15/Chilehaus C Nr.15, 20095 Hamburg. Tel. 00 49 40 3070 48 80 La Casa del Habano Leipzig Hainstr. 11, 04109 Leipzig. Tel. 00 49 341 962 89 82 La Casa del Habano München Ledererstr. 19, 80331 München. Tel. 00 49 89 242 175 00 La Casa del Habano Nürnberg Hauptmarkt 9, 90403 Nürnberg. Tel. 00 49 911 974 66 90 La Casa del Habano Saarbrücken Fürstenstr. 15b, 66111 Saarbrücken. Tel. 00 49 681 589 85 09 La Casa del Habano Stuttgart Vorsteigstr. 1, Ecke Schwabatr. 177, 70193 Stuttgart. Tel. 00 49 711 295 228 La Casa del Habano Frankfurt Kleine Hochstraβe 9, 60313, Frankfurt. Tel. 069 20977955 La Casa del Habano Kaiserslautern Markstr. 22, 67655 Kaiserslautern. Tel. 0631 68104 GIBRALTAR La Casa del Habano Gibraltar 37, Main Street, Gibraltar. Tel. 350 78 666 GREAT BRITAIN La Casa del Habano Chester Turmeaus Chester, 34 Watergate Street, CH1 2LA Chester. Tel. 00 44 1244 348 821 La Casa del Habano London 76 High Street Teddington, TW11 8JD, London. Tel. 44 208 977 3793 La Casa del Habano London James J. Fox In Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Rd, Kightsbridge, SW1X 7XL London. Tel. 0207 730 1234 GREECE La Casa del Habano Athens, K.Varnali 42, N.Erithrea, Athens, Greece. Tel. 210 62 54 426 GUATEMALA La Casa del Habano Ciudad de Guatemala 4ta Avenida 12-59, Zona 10 Plaza Fontabella, Ciudad de Guatemala. Tel. (502) 233 66 867 IRAN La Casa del Habano Téhéran Esteghlal Hotel Towers, Téhéran. Tel. 9821 22 660 050 ISRAEL La Casa del Habano Tel-Aviv The Lobby David Inter Continental Hotel, 12 kaufman Street, 61501 Tel-Aviv. Tel. 03 795 1111 ITALY La Casa del Habano Milano Via Anfossi, 28, 20135 Milano – tel. 00 39 02 59 900 973 La Casa del Habano Roma Via Colonna Antonina, 34, 00186 Roma. Tel. 00 39 06678 5508 JAMAICA La Casa del Habano Montego Bay Half Moon Rock resort Rose Hall, Montego Bay. Tel. 1 877 956 76 25 La Casa del Habano Port of Falmouth Unit # 202 Building 17B, Cruise Ship terminal, Port of Falmouth. Tel. 876 633 2211 JAPAN La Casa del Habano Tokyo Cigar Club Iikura, 2-3-9 Azabudai, Minato ku, Tokyo. Tel. 81 3 3583 7130 La Casa del Habano Tokyo DM Bldg 71811 Roppongi, Minato ku, Tokyo. Tel. 81 3 3746 3636 La Casa del Habano Tokyo Copon Norp 1F 3-15-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Tel. 81 3 6406 3818 KUWAIT La Casa del Habano Kuwait Aéroport, Kuwait. Tel. 965 243 7220 La Casa del Habano Kuwait Al-sawani center, Al Khaleej Bldg, face au Sheraton Hotel, Kuwait. Tel. 965 224 38 05 / 00965 242 24 01 LEBANON La Casa del Habano Beirut Airport Beirut international Airport, Arrival Duty Free, East Wing. Tel. 961 1 629 520 La Casa del Habano Beirut Airport Beirut international Airport, Arrival Duty Free, West Wing. Tel. 961 1 629 520 La Casa del Habano Beirut Casine Square Notre Dame Centre, Beirut. Tel. 961 1 328 55 68 La Casa del Habano Beirut Downtown, Asseilly Building, Beirut. Tel. 961 1 996 969 La Casa del Habano Beirut Zalka Highway, Al Arez Center, Beirut. Tel. 961 4 712 600 LUXEMBOURG La Casa del Habano Luxembourg 22b av. de la Porte-Neuve, L-2227 Luxembourg. Tel. 00 352 425 858 MALAYSIA La Casa del Habano Kuala Lumpur City Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur City, centre P.O. Box 10905 50088. Tel. 603 2380 1311 MALI La Casa del Habano Bamako ACI 2000, Rue 311, Porte 1, Bamako. MAROCCO La Casa del Habano Casablanca 23, bd Al-Massira-Al-Khadra, Casablanca. Tel. +212 22 43 1234 La Casa del Habano Casablanca 392, bd Mohamed-V, Casablanca. Tel. +212 660 44 44 44 La Casa del Habano Rabat 33-34 Galerie Prestige, Angle av. Mohammed-VI et rue Ahmed-Rifaii-Souissi, Rabat. Tel. +212 661 36 80 35 MEXICO La Casa del Habano San Lucas Madero s/n Blvd Marina y Guerrero, Cabo San Lucas. Tel. 52 (624) 143 6160 La Casa del Habano Cancún Bvd Kukulkan Km 12, Cancún. Tel. 52 (998) 840 7000 La Casa del Habano Hermosillo Blvd Eusebio kino No. 369, Interior Hotel Fiesta Americana, Sonora, 83010 Hermosillo. Tel. 52 (662) 285 7485 La Casa del Habano Isla Cozumel Ave. Rafael E. Melgar No. 01-B esquina con Ave., Isla Cozumel. Tel. 52 (987) 871 8552 La Casa del Habano Obregón Calle Santa Fe No. 94 Local 28 y 29 Colonia La Fe, Santa Fe, Delegatión Álvaro Obregón C.P. 01210, Mexico D.F. tel. 52 55 36 05 1694 La Casa del Habano Polanco Presidente Mazarik 393 I-28 Colonia Polanco, Mexico D.F. tel. 52 55 282 10 46 La Casa del Habano Tizaplan Ave Rev y Rio Magdalena I-119 Colonia Tizaplan, Mexico D.F. Tel. 52 55 616 14 30 La Casa del Habano Monterrey Monterrey Río Colorado 248 L-1, Monterrey. Tel. 52 (818) 335 4111 La Casa del Habano Playa del Carmen 5ta Av. con Calle 26 No.301, L-2 Colonia Xaman-Ha, Playa del Carmen. Tel. 52 (984) 803 3001 La Casa del Habano San Miguel de Allende Cuna de Allende #7 Int.25, Zona Centro, GTO C.P. 37700, San Miguel de Allende. Tel. (52)415 154 9810 La Casa del Habano Saltillo Paseo del valle No.1354, Colonia San Patricio, Saltillo. Tel. (52) 844 431 7491 La Casa del Habano Tijuana Ave. Revolución 1115, Tijuana. Tel. 52-(664) 688 3339 La Casa del Habano Vallarta Almada No.48300, Zona Centro, Vallarta. Tel. 52 322 2232758 NETHERLANDS ANTILLES La Casa del Habano Saint Martin 71 Port La Royale, Saint-Martin. Tel. 590 87 5894 La Casa del Habano Almere Brouwerstraat 12, NL-1315 BP Almere. Tel. 00 31 363 109 809 OMAN La Casa del Habano Muscat Oasis by the Sea Shatty al Qurum, P.O. Box 397, Code 131, Muscat. Tel. 968 693141 PARAGUAY La Casa del Habano Asunción Juan XXIII No.1570, C / Lopez Moreira, Asunción. Tel. 595 21 609 307 La Casa del Habano Van Baerlestraat Conservatorium Hôtel Amsterdam, Van Baerlestraat 27-Unite 2, NL-1071 AN Amsterdam. Tel. 00 31 207 530 781 La Casa del Habano Den Haag Kneuterdijk 5, NL-2514 EM Den Haag. Tel. 00 31 703 923 776 La Casa del Habano La Haye Kneuterdijk 5, NL-2514 EM La Haye. Tel. 00 31 703 923 776 La Casa del Habano Maastricht Stationstraat 33, NL-6221 BN Maastricht. Tel. 00 31 320 220 266 PERU La Casa del Habano Lima Ave. La Encalada 1601, Lima. Tel. 435 7045 La Casa del Habano Lima Larcomar tda 104, Ave. Malecón de la Reserva 610, Lima. Tel. 444 0073 La Casa del Habano Lima Centro Comercial Wong, Av. Bajada Balta 626, Int. 1112 Miraflores, Lima. POLAND La Casa del Habano Cracovie Stawkowska 26 St., Cracovie. Tel. 48 790 803 930 La Casa del Habano Varsovie Nowy Swiat 7, 00-496, Varsovie. Tel. 48 790 300 599 PORTUGAL La Casa del Habano Lisboa R. Nova dos Mercadores, Lt. 03-06.01.E, Parque das Nações, 1990-179 Lisboa. Tel. 00 351 218 941 191 QATAR La Casa del Habano Doha Shop No.7 Porto Arabia, Parcel 1, The Pearl Qatar, Doha. Tel. 974 44 33 7966 La Casa del Habano Doha Shop No.13 Rayan Street, Diwan Emiri, POB 7870, Doha. Tel. 974 44 33 7966 ROMANIA La Casa del Habano Bucarest Athénée Palace Hilton, Street Episcopiei 1-3, Sector 1, Bucarest. Tel. 40 741 101 722 La Casa del Habano Bucarest El Unico Mega Mall, Str. Pierre de Coubertin nr. 3-5, 21901, Bucarest. Tel. 00 40 737 367 402 La Casa del Habano Bucarest El Unico – Henri Coanda Airport (Departure terminal), Terminal Otopeni, Aurel Vlaicu Airport, 75150, Bucarest. Tel. 0740 027 200 RUSSIA La Casa del Habano Moscou 113054 Bakhrouchina Street, Bldg. 21/3, Moscou. Tel. 7 (499) 230361-6062 La Casa del Habano Saint-Pétersbourg Ligovskiy prospect 9, Saint-Pétersbourg. La Casa Del Habano St Peterburg (2nd) St. Petersburg, Kuznechny Pereulok, 14 A Tel: +7 812 572 32 90 SAUDI ARABIA La Casa del Habano Al Kohbar 28th Street, P.O. Box 2915, Al Khobar 31952. Tel 966 3 8874255 La Casa del Habano Jeddah Palestine Street, al Hamra P.O. Box 14845, Jeddah 21. Tel. 966 2 6658227 La Casa del Habano St. Olaya Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, St. Olaya Box 55962 Riyad. Tel. 966 1465 4737 SERBIA La Casa del Habano Belgrade Kneginje Zorke 2, Belgrade. Tel. 381 11 3830 533 SOUTH KOREA La Casa del Habano Séoul Hotel Grand Intercontinental, 159-8 Samsong Dong, Kangnam ku 135-732 Séoul. Tel. 82 2557 9656 SPAIN La Casa del Habano Madrid Club Pasíon Habanos, Paseo de Recoletos 1, 28001 Madrid SWITZERLAND La Casa del Habano Basel Aeschenvorstadt 48, 4051 Basel. Tel. 00 41 61 272 57 75 La Casa del Habano Ugano Via Motta 12, 6900 Lugano. Tel. 41(0)91 922 57 43 La Casa del Habano Zürich Bleicherweg 18, 8002 Zürich. Tel. 00 41 44 202 12 11 TAIWAN La Casa del Habano Taipei Agora garden Taipei 2 Fl. N°68 Sung Kao Rd, Taipei. Tel. 8862 8780 1999/8639 8862 27224647 THAILAND La Casa del Habano Bangkok The Oriental Hotel Bangkok, 48, Oriental Avenue, Bangkok. Tel. 66 22 671 596 UKRAINE La Casa del Habano Kiev 13, klovskiy Spusk Str., Kiev. Tel. + 38 044 492 7448 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES La Casa del Habano Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Mall, P.O. Box 43968, Abu Dhabi. Tel. 971 2 644 1505 La Casa del Habano Dubai Dubai Duty Free, Dubai, international Airport, P.O. Box 831. Tel. 971 4 601 9281 La Casa del Habano Dubai The Shopping Boulevard Emirates Towers, P.O. Box 267 Dubai. Tel. 971 4 330 3308 La Casa del Habano Dubai The Walk, jumeirah Beach residence, Dubai. Tel. 971 4 423 3666 VENEZUELA La Casa Del Habano Caracas Calle Orinoco, Edificio Elkano, Pb-1, Las Mercedes, Caracas. Tel. 58 212 991 5382
  6. Will be going on a cruise in a couple of weeks. 1)Wondering if anyone has recent experience with the LCDH in Georgetown, Grand Cayman? 2) Edición Regional Caribe (Paraiso) - are these worth trying to locate? Much appreciated.
  7. Hey guys, johnny and I have vastly differing opinions/experiences on this one. Our thoughts. cheers nate
  8. Was hanging out at Toronto LCDH yesterday while the wife did some window shopping. Enjoyed a nice Cuban espresso, some conversation and took a quick look inside the humidor. Found some really nice large format jars. All official Habanos sa. The Behike, Partagas and Cohiba jars look big enough to hold Double Coronas with room to spare! The RyJ Short Churchill and Monte Edmundos are regular sized. The Partagas one is a beauty! Basically the P1 jar on steroids. Future Hamlet Salamones home? Slick, black Behike jar. Another biggie. I guess Habanos got tired of all those counterfeits on Ebay? Pricing was > $230CAD on the big jars.
  9. I Visited Yerevan, Armenia at the beginning of September with my wife. Had a great time sightseeing, visiting friends and family. But one of the highlights was visiting the La Casa Del Habano on Amiryan Street 4, just off of Republic Square. My first visit ever to an lcdh, I was excited to see what they had to offer. My wife had an appointment at the nail salon, so this was my chance. Having previously contacted the store through their facebook page, I was met by the manager, Arto. They have a nice walk in humidor, accessories section, and a large cigar lounge and a bar, but It was empty when I went (11:00 AM). Arto was very helpful replying to all my newbie questions. It was exciting going in the humidor, surrounded by all the famous marcas. I was like a kid in a toy store. Their stock is mostly from '13, '14 and '15. Nice selection of Cohiba, RyJ, H. Upmann, Hoyo, Scdlh specifically the torreon jar, Partagas, Monte, Cuaba and the cheaper stuff. Almost exclusively Habanos in there. The prices are fair, much like online Habanos vendors, and I bought a few samples to try. If you ever travel to that part of the world, I highly recommend that you visit. Jack. K.
  10. Fresh Diadema Maduros straight from Conde De Villanueva LCDH NOV 2015/North Pole/my House Hope you Enjoyed......MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  11. I have a chance to pick up a box, but heard there were construction issues!
  12. Hi, Anyone been to the LCDH at La Estrella in Cayo Santa Maria recently? Any infos would be appreciated. Thanks JS
  13. So LCDH Mexico just published in it's facebook page some pictures of the SCDH Torreon Jar and other new stuff. As far as I know, this is the only picture out there of the jar, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Also some pictures of the new book of Cuaba and the Bolivar libertadores "exclusive" for LCDH and some humidors and Lusitanias GR. Bolivar Libertadores Cuaba Book2012 Lusitanias GR and you can see the new Punch EL in the corner and the HDM Grand Epicure Partagas Book 2013 Vegueros and in the back Punch EL and Montecristo Petit No.2 (I guess) Ramon Allones replica antigua humidor Cheers and hope you enjoy them

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