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  1. I'll try getting in there tonight too! We should try getting another weekly game going though. Would love to discuss it.
  2. Sounds like you ran into some issues. thats too bad. I would be willing to try running a weekly game, maybe with your assistance. I just don't know how the poker site works. Do we need someone to give us access? Is there a minimum? Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Any shot we can get a game going tonight around 9 pm eastern? Anyone interested?
  4. Sorry didn't make it. This storm had me preoccupied and totally forgot about it. Congrats to those who won.
  5. Pres, If a spot opens up, can I still squeeze in tonight? Thanks
  6. Well, I haven't smoked the GE yet. Letting them sit a bit longer since just receiving the box not long ago. But, I can say this. I've had a box of Partagas sitting and had my last one around Christmas of 2011. It was insanely good! Loaded with amazing flavors. It was the first time I've ever experienced licorice in a cigar. So, with that being said, the GE is gonna have to really perform well for me to say its the 2010 LE champ.
  7. I think Ken should wear a Shoo Away in his crotch!
  8. Welcome! I smell a Jersey HERF coming....

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