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  1. I have one. So a guys on his way home after a long day in the office. 2 min from home he gets pulled over and he's thinking holy shite I don't need this right now. So the officer walks on over and says sir you were going a little fast. The guy says I know officer I just want to get home I'm tired and a long day at work plus I'm broke, I can't afford this ticket. Officer says ok fine ill ask a question you get it right and ill let you off. Hell yes officer, shoot! Officer goes, your driving at night and you see two headlights behind you, what is it? Guy goes oh that's easy as pie, it's a car! Officer says I know it's a car, but is it a Honda or a dodge? Guy says ahh that's impossible come on officer. Officer says alright last chance. Your driving at night and you see one headlight behind you, what is it? Gys says aha that's easy it's a motorcycle! Now I can go right? No no no I know it's a motorcycle, but is it a Suzuki or a Harley? Guys livid now wtf officer that's not fair. Officers chuckling Ashe hands the ticket over. Guy says hey officer I got a question for you. Officer laughs and says shoot! So your driving downtown late at night and you see this gorgeous broad with large breasts long legs and high heels hair all done etc, what is it? Officer says ha too easy, it's a prostitute! Guy says I know it's a prostitute, but is it your mother or your daughter!
  2. Reading all is I find wi my experience all of he above advice is subjective to each man here. I have a small cabinet humidor with 17 or so boxes and a big tupper style container with another 12 boxes. I live in Toronto as well with patc were good buddies. My cab humidor is 64-66 rh and temp is higher 60's. my tupper humidor is same temp but rh is 69 or so. The humidity and temp has no effect on the smell of my cigars. I open both of them frequently and both ooze of greatness and all my boxes are closed. I do have a desktop wi singles in it but that's because I use it to "dry box" or condition them to proper smoking rh to my taste which is 60-64 rh. Point being even though I have the desktop I still like to open my big humidor a take A sniff maybe adjust my hydra in the one cab or just inspect a couple of my aging boxes to see how they're coming along etc. pat don't forget your around cars all day lol. The gas fumes or chemicals might have fried your smell for a day or two lol. Also to note my tupper seal isn't really that good but just two sacs of beads which I wet maybe once every 2-3 months at most. Ad still rock steady and still stinks of greatness. And for anyone who's guna say yeah but are your hygrometers accurate? [email protected]$& yes I have boveda 75 percent humidity packs on hand to calibrate every time I refuel beads and or hydra. Lol. Cheers.
  3. Hm yes I've found sme for rather high prices but I'm down to pay for cohiba lanceros, the few extra bucks of these might be worth it seeing as how I'm in love with every bolivar vitola(excluding the bbf never did anything for me). Anyways thanks for help gents.
  4. Which of you gents knows where to get these bad boys lol. I know that's really pushing it lol but I'm curious.
  5. H gents in my endless love for bpc I've been trying to pin down a 50 cab. I know they were discontinued this year but hey it's possible they are for sale somewhere. Does anyone know where I can find a cab? Or if anyone as a full cab and wouldn't mind selling it pm me. Also if you guys have any trusted online trusted retailers also pm me. It doesn't hurt to have a couple back ups for when czar is out of certain stock. Don't worry rob and Di and smithy I'd never choose anyone over you guys.
  6. Lol. Well I agree as did the Spartans with what your plan is. Hopefully there's no insiders who will turn on us and then have the gov flank us!!!!!
  7. Brilliant rob. Perfectly put. Fight until the end even when you know your probably gunna lose.

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