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  1. My doctor is an old high school buddy. The first time he did the digital prostate exam, I hit him with “Oh Doc, I’ve been dreaming about this since high school.” He became a little straight laced after medical school, as opposed to our partying ways as high schoolers, and he wasn’t sure whether I was serious or not. I still laugh at him about it. But I’m kind of in the middle of taking it seriously versus avoiding medical “professionals” like the plague. I worked in hospitals early in my career and it’s safe to say, they’re not safe places to be. If you have to go in a hospital, make sure you have someone reliable to advocate for you, and get out and go home as soon as possible. Recent medical literature says 250,000 deaths in the US are caused every year by medical mistakes.
  2. Yeah, we have a crazy tough schedule. We have Browns, Ravens, Bills - all in the first 4 weeks of the season. The Chiefs have 5 new starters on the O Line - 3 of them are rookies. Kyle Long wasn't in the starting 5 yet anyway, so hard to feel a loss for what we haven't even had on the field yet. If the O line comes together AND stays healthy, Mahomes is already talking about undefeated (gotta love the guy talking like this!). But while the O line got all the news, the big question is will the Chiefs finally field a competent defense? The biggest problem all last season was the Defense couldn't get off the field. Gave up too many, time eating drives. Worst in the league in red zone defense. When you have the most explosive offensive in the league, giving them opportunities to have the ball is probably the most important thing for them this season. My prediction: 14-2, chiefs clinch AFC #1 seed and the bye. Rest everybody in game 17. Chad Henne quarterbacks the B team to a close loss - we finish at 14-3. We roll through the playoffs and into the Super Bowl for 3rd year in a row. If healthy, we dominate. If not, we just hope Patrick Mahomes lives through the game. P.S. Screw the Raiders!
  3. The first one I think of is always the R&J Cazadores. Totally different profile for me than the exhibition 4 or all the different Churchill varieties that I love so much.
  4. I have a bunch of Xikar double guillotines - but one of my sons got me this for Xmas a year or two ago. Except for small format cigars, I have become a devoted lover of the V cut for my cigars. One of these days I'll actually look inside of the thing and realize all the caps I cut don't just magically disappear.
  5. I've been in the health insurance administration business all my life - a family business with my 2 brothers. Actually have 2 of my sons in the business also. Eyeing retirement in about 2 years though. I built my own humidor cabinet that has about 33 cubic feet of space in it, powered by humidifiers I bought from Aristocrat. Probably holds about 2,000 cigars in it currently - 95% of it cubans. Yes, my name is CigarAsh and I have a cigar problem . . . .
  6. I’ve gone to a PL Montecarlo a lot in that situation. Always a good closer after other bigger cigars.
  7. That’s going to look great in your living room. What are you waiting for?
  8. I’ve bought 3 over past two years. One stays at home. One goes in my travel kit for when on the road. The other was a gift because it’s so effective when used as directed Salvaged quite a few tight cigars extremely well. The poker style skewers don’t do anything worthwhile since they don’t remove enough leaf from the cigar. of course there are exceptions, because occasionally there’s a cigar so poorly made it just needs to be trashed.
  9. I’m a big EP fan. I still have two boxes of his inaugural special edition. 2008 I think. The second one Ernesto signed for me at a local event when I bought them. His earlier smokes were much more flavorful and complex. Best non Cubans I’ve smoked probably.
  10. doesn’t matter what any of your teams do. My Chiefs just added the best running back in the draft. A perfect fit for an already prolific offense. Even if our defense sucks next year we’ll still be putting up 35+ points a game and watch teams playing catch up. after waiting for 50 years between Super Bowls, and yes I watched all 50 seasons, the Chiefs have a chance for a real dynasty. The key is to keep Pat Mahomes healthy. I want the next 4 rounds to all be big, mean offensive lineman.
  11. A terrible loss for Western history and religious art. That structure goes back 800 years. The religious history and artifacts are irreplaceable including what Catholics believe to be the crown of thorns from the crucifixion. I’m glad that @Nekhyludov came clean and admitted his cigar was the culprit. Ken and I will light a candle for you Joe.
  12. Forgot to post this last summer. Was at a golf tournament in Connecticut last summer. The outdoor buffet luncheon was fully equipped with Shooaways over all the dishes. No one understood me when I told them how cool that was. Maybe it was just me!

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