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  1. Guys I will be posting the results in about 2 hours so please if you have not emailed me please do so :-) [email protected]
  2. Hi everyone Don't forget to send me your choice for Cigar 1 :-) to [email protected] and to those who have emailed me already thanks Have an amazing weekend everyone Lisa
  3. Honestly you had me panic there Rob I am looking at my calendar going I am sure he said the 29th Sep
  4. Just to let everyone know the cigars are being packed and ready for shipping, the amazing boys in Logistics will start shipping them out Monday
  5. Happy Birthday to my darling sister, love you too the moon and back ?
  6. Congratulations gentlemen on winning the FOH FIshing Comp If you could PM me your shipping details I will get your special sampler underway @Kaptain Karl @elting44
  7. Such a loss of a comic genius Like you Fuzz my earliest memories is of Mork and Mindy which I still quote to this day
  8. Hi guys I know I have been a bit slack but I haven't forgotten you all :-) , it's been a bit crazy around here getting ready for the New FOH Auction site so that is my excuse and I am sticking too it LOL This months winners are @havanaclub @OZCUBAN @BarryVT @LonesomeHabanoAficionado You know the drill shoot me your address to [email protected] Thanks everyone 1
  9. I will put all you final results in my spreadsheet and let @MoeFOH who the winner is
  10. Okay it has been a bit since I picked some winners opps Okay these are the following winners @ayepatz @aj60s @LonesomeHabanoAficionado @crking3 Guys shoot me an email with your address details :-) [email protected]
  11. Thanks everyone , I have been very spoilt at work today
  12. I know your pain honey I lost my gorgeous Cat Lady aged 15 last year and my dog Cleo 10 days before Christmas aged 14... they take a huge chunk of your heart don't they
  13. Sorry guys I just realised I hadn't posted up the winners over Christmas it's been a bit crazy lately Anyway the way the winners are @kwsaw63 @ha_banos @LonesomeHabanoAficionado Guys shoot me your details to [email protected] and I will get your samplers out to you sometime next week as I am actually on holidays this week and not in the office Lisa
  14. Hi Guys Totally forgot to draw the winner last week so did two this week :-) The winners are @kwsaw63 and @unitedfly Guys if you could shoot me your address details to [email protected] Until next week Lisa
  15. I feel your pain, my cat passed away in Jan at the ripe age of 15, I miss her every day and next week we are having to put our Ridgeback Cleo to sleep as she is struggling and at the age of 14 she has had a great life. RIP Bruno
  16. Thanks for posting guys, looks like you all had an amazing Thanksgiving Winner of a sampler is @Wailbait Shoot me your details to [email protected]
  17. Well what amazing wrappers, I do admit when I open a box and I see dark oily wrappers it does put a smile on my face Okay Winner that was Randomly drawn (for every post) is @Stump89 and Winner of the most likes is @Wilzc shoot me an email to [email protected] and I will organise your sampler

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