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  1. I will put you down on the back order list :-D Very unlike me not to make sure you are contacted TFL:wink:
  2. Dear Sir Your photo will be published as soon as I work out how the darn thing works It will be up there soon The First Lady
  3. To those who are interested we should be getting a shipment in of the Cohiba Sublimes by the end of the month or beginning of March. I will make a post on their arrival. The first shipment didn't even have a chance to make an apprearance on our shelves. Popular babies :-D The First Lady
  4. Yes you are correct. I have a way of finding these things out ;-) We should have them in Australia around the end of April but hopefully sooner. I will use that art of persuasion (ring up every day until they are sick of me) so that hopefully they might come sooner. BTW I think that Rob's so called research and fact finding mission he is having way too much fun Hmmmmmmm:lookaround: The First Lady
  5. Hi Guys I think you all need to come up to Brisbane for one of our cigars dinners. I will try and organise it for a long weekend so that you can come and meet the Brisbane misfits :-D We need to have more photos for our rotating bulletin board so when we announce the date I expect to see a least a couple of you. The First Lady
  6. Hi Boss man I have been working hard as the boys will tell you. All is good and remember I will be looking forward to my Bottle of Cuban Rum. The First Lady :-D
  7. Thanks guys for the warm welcome:waving: I think it is going to be a joy talking to everyone on the forum. I know of most of you from e-mail to have all together at the same time is great. Talk to you all soon from Home Alone The First Lady BTW Didn't Rob tell you I ran the business and he was just the figure head. Boy I am I going to get it when he gets on line :-D
  8. Hi GMBD :-D Filip must be one of the most finicky attention to detail person I have ever meet and has taken a good two years to put this all together. The sign you saw in the second photo of the seal was created by him. He slowly steamed the seal off a box and then got it photocopied until he acheived the desired size. (see what I mean about attention to detail ) If you could see the rest of the place it would take you a good hour to see all the little things that are placed in the shop. I think that all capital cities need one of these shops. But alas the Tobacco Nazis will always win :-( Hope this information helps The First Lady
  9. Hi Dragon It's Lisa you twit.......But being 70 your alzheimer's must be kicking in.
  10. Hello Guys and Girls (I hope) Great to see everyone coming on board. Well I hope that everyone will keep me company while Rob and his merry group of misfits head to Cuba. As I will be slaving away and having my nose to the grind stone while Rob is "doing some research and development " Yeah right I will enjoy having some great conversations and live chats with you all. I think I will start a suggestion page on what presents the members think I should recieve from Cuba. Anyway I am sure I will be speaking to you all soon. Talk soon and smoke well The First Lady

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